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Le Rozier is located at the western tip of the Lozere department, marking the crossing of the Tarn and Jonte rivers. Bordering the Aveyron, this very small village is appreciated for the views of the Gorges de la Jonte it offers. Rozier recently merged with the neighbouring communes of Mostuéjouls and Peyreleau to make the most of the stunning Grands Causses and boost local tourism in an eco-friendly way.


Le Rozier is part of the outstanding Causses of the Lozere department, huge limestone plateau which offers exceptional reliefs and hectares of unspoilt land. This quaint village is sitting at the crossroads of the Tarn and Jonte rivers.

The main assets of the area are its climate and “hybrid” landscapes. Marking the border between Lozere and Aveyron, Le Rozier indeed is an exceptional balance between the warm Causses and the cool Gorges, implying mild summers when winters are quite harsh and dry. Belonging to the Grands Causses, these huge limestone plateaus typical of Lozere and Aveyron, Le Rozier is also surrounded by stunning deserted plains featuring groundwaters and former stone farmhouses.

Le Rozier’s surroundings used to be planted with various fruit trees (producing almonds, apricots, cherries, plums on the typical ‘terraces’ laying on the hillsides). But the region also offers delightful dairy products such as the well-known Roquefort cheese some food connoisseurs are crazy about!

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Le Rozier Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Due to many natural assets, tourism has boosted Le Rozier’s economy and popularity over the last decades. As a consequence, property prices have increased – a typical stone house in the Causse can reach €1,410 / sq m when other massive retreats bordering the Jonte or overlooking the valley are sold €1,980 / sq m on average. Such housing prices often imply that the house is restored – if you plan to renovate an ancient stone house, you can still find bargains in Le Rozier’s surroundings, a bit farther from the Jonte and Tarn Rivers.

The region is obviously appreciated for the lush nature it comprises – from rosebushes La Rozier received its name to the delightful ceps (mushrooms) the wooded areas abound with. More and more foreign buyers are interested in the western Lozere as it is well connected to bigger cities of the South like Millau, Rodez or even Montpellier. Staying in Le Rozier is indeed a perfect holiday deal as it makes it possible to tour the most beautiful regions of France and avoid the overcrowded – and well-heeled – Provence and Cote d’Azur.

Figures: 2009

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Le Rozier

Le Rozier is indeed a little village with a mere 200 inhabitants, but it accounts for those well-heeled sites which provide a wide range of activities and produce thanks to the surrounding nature.

  • Tarn Valley: the Gorges du Tarn are narrowing there – following their development to Millau in Aveyron – which provides hiking, cycling and fishing enthusiasts some wonderful holiday deals. The views you can grab from the top of the cliffs are definitely astonishing! The troglodyte villages of Saint Marcellin and Eglazines are also well worth a visit.

  • Jonte Valley: offering 20km of cliffs and ridges, the Gorges de la Jonte is another Rozier’s plus. From the Capluc rock (“Rocher de Capluc” in French), where the picturesque village is sitting, you will be able to admire the whole valley as well as the craggy relief. Some of the limestone blocks have original – funny! – shapes whilst other wild portions, more accessible, are perfect for climbing.

  • Fishing heaven: as opposed to the Tarn river, boating is prohibited in the Jonte valley around Le Rozier, which allows fishermen to fully enjoy the very clear and quiet river water. For these reasons, this portion was recently granted “natural fishing reserve” / ”preserved fishing area”.

  • Tourism potential: a few miles away from Le Rozier there is a renowned biosphere reserve that comprises more than 2,000 species. A great attraction which complements the natural settings and lures even more visitors. Gites and Chambres d’hotes are thus very popular in the region.

Property Styles and Architecture in Le Rozier

Following the whole Lozère style, Le Rozier’s architecture mainly comprises stone houses sitting in the middle of acres of lush nature, along a river or at the top of a hill. Excellent values there for those who are crazy about the South of France as Le Rozier gathers up all the assets of the southern towns – without their tourists!

  • Limestone houses: as Le Rozier is bordering the Jonte, main river of the Causses, most houses had to be made from the local limestone and adapt the natural relief. That is why they have very thick stonewalls (up to 1m wide, to support the heavy roofs in lauze) and often include useful and efficient watering systems (collecting rainwater from the roof for example). These original Le Rozier properties combine the Aveyron architecture with the Lozere lifestyle and offer exceptional views.

  • Causse farmhouses: the typical “Mas Caussenard” or farmhouse are generally long and narrow buildings with several storeys: the basement for stock and cattle, the ground floor for living and the vaulted first floor as barn or attic room (the latter is now often turned into further bedrooms or mezzanine floors).

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