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Argentat-sur-Dordogne is a lovely town of the Correze department situated in the valley of Dordogne. It is located in the Massif Central mountain range, at the confluence of the Dordogne and Maronne rivers. The town belongs to Tulle’s arrondissement (south of the Correze department), the town has more than 3,200 inhabitants called the Argentacois. The administrative centre of the canton spreads on 2,241 hectare - 1,025 of which are covered by woods.


Argentat was the old capital town of the bargees who used to transport goods along the Dordogne river during the 16th and 17th centuries. The old town and the river port date back to this period. Argentat and its neighbouring towns and villages form the Pays d’Argentat (Argentat’s Country). This area has an unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes on offer. The Correze department is certainly one of the most beautiful rural areas of France and Argentat is not an exception to the rule.

Composed of many picturesque villages, the Country of Argentat is worth visiting. There are plenty of things to do and see. The town of Argentat has a rich architectural heritage with several castles such as the château du Raz or the château du Bas. The feudal citadel of Merle (12th-14th centuries) is also an interesting monument: located on a rocky peninsula, this old fortress hosted many lords during the Middle Ages. Many medieval festivals and firework displays are held there during summer.

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Argentat Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Correze’s property market has also been suffering these last months due to the financial crisis that began in October 2008. But the department stills belongs to the cheapest areas in the country. With an average price of €1,750 / square metre for a property to buy there, real estate in Correze is really accessible. Especially if we compare this price with the national average of €3,200 / square metre.

Like the rest of the area, Argentat is a pleasant rural area, the inhabitants of which boast an unspoiled nature and wonderful landscapes. On the 1,719 properties of the town, 79% are main houses. If you are looking for a large property in a quiet area, Argentat is the place to invest in! With 77% of detached houses and 34% of 5-room properties, you will definitely find your dream house in this town. The proportion of vacant dwellings is almost 10% so there are many bargains to be driven.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Argentat

Argentat is a peaceful place where you can enjoy varied activities in beautiful surroundings. This delightful market town has numerous attractive riverside restaurants and other excellent eating-places. The area is famous for its beautiful scenery as well as its excellent food and wine.

  • Museum: la maison du patrimoine (Heritage’s House) offers an archaeological and historical programme about the town of Argentat. A permanent exhibition with informative boards and archaeological materials from different Gallo-Roman sites in the surroundings allow people to discover the fascinating past of the area.

  • Activities: the choice is really wide if you want to practice sport in Argentat. Indeed there are many clubs that offer varied activities all year round. Basket Ball, football, gymnastics, dance, rugby, tennis, volley, but also hunting, cycling, fencing, fishing, hiking, etc. Just make your choice and enjoy a sportive life in Argentat!

  • Fairs and markets: a local market is held every Thursday from June to September on the two main squares of the town (place Joseph Faure and place da Maïa). Traditional fairs also take place in Argentat on the first and third Thursday of every month. Let’s discover the local products that these markets have on offer.

  • Location - Transport links: Argentat has a good location in the Correze department. Located close to the borders with the neighbouring departments of Lot and Cantal, the town is not far neither from Brive-la-Gaillarde (Correze’s largest town). The national road N120 - that links Limoges to Aurillac - crosses Argentat. The motorways A89 and A20 are less than 45min by car from the town. So Argentat has an interesting location that attracts both companies and holiday makers.

  • Sceneries: the surroundings of Argentat have outstanding views on offer. From the Roche de Vic (Albussac) - a cliff of 630m high - you can enjoy a wide panorama over Limousin’s landscapes (Causses of Quercy, Monédières’ Massif, etc). The Roc Castel (St Martial Entraygues) also offers great views over the Dordogne department. The Puy du Tour (‘Tour Hilltop’) is not to be missed neither. This Gaulish oppidum overlooking the valleys of Argentat and Monceaux as well as the confluence of the Maronne with the Dordogne is just impressive.

Property Styles and Architecture in Argentat

  • Villas: Argentat is home to many georgous villas. Sometimes very different, they all have common features: one chimney or more, dormer windows, numerous rooms of important size, a huge land size, large garden, terraces, dependencies and a pigeon house - the whole located in a natural setting (fiels most of the time). The roof of such properties is made of slates or tiles, walls are constructed either of stone bricks or of granite.

  • Stone houses: many stone properties can be found in Argentat and its surroundings. Their roofs are made of ‘lauze’, a typical stone of the Massif Central region that is flat, of schist or like limestone. These stone houses are always at least two-storey properties and have many rooms available. The numerous windows allow very bright rooms.

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