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Bourganeuf, a commune of the Creuse department, is crossed by the Taurion River and lies at an altitude of 450m. It is situated 33km from Guéret and 50km from Limoges. This town of the Limousin region was created during the Middle Ages by the Hospitaliers de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem, a religious and military order created in 1104. From the 12th century to the French Revolution of 1789, the knights lived in Bourganeuf. Thus, the town knew a great prosperity and reputation. It had to wait until 1886 to be famous again, when it became the third town to receive electricity in France.


Today, Bourganeuf accounts for a population of 3,200 inhabitants and is the centre of life and employment of the surrounding areas. Wood, principally, is important for its economy, as forest covers an important part of the Creuse department. Numerous enterprises of different kinds - but taking part in the wood handling - are established in the area. The sector of wood creates other activities, such as transport, appurtenances of material and its maintenance, sales, etc… Beside, a dozen or so of agricultural exploitation exist on Bourganeuf’s territory. The majority of them produce bovines of Limousine breed but other diversified activities exist.

Bourganeuf has a privileged situation and lies just next to the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches. The valleys and plateaus meet the mountains of the Massif Central and give marvellous landscapes. Water is also a dominant element of the surroundings of Bourganeuf and the plateau of Millevache. The park is the origin of numerous rivers like the Vienne, the Creuse or the Corrèze.

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Bourganeuf Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Limousin is known to be one of the cheapest regions of France. Furthermore, the Creuse department is the least expensive of the three it counts. At the beginning of 2009, the price to buy a property there was about €1,150/ sq m. In comparison to the national average (€3,197 /sq m), this place is perfect for those looking for bargains! Some people already noticed it, as 11% of the properties in Bourganeuf are second homes, and now enjoy having a charming and rustic house to spend pleasant and relaxing holidays. In this town, 56% of the dwellings are detached houses.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bourganeuf

Creuse is the perfect area to spend peaceful moments. Bourganeuf itself offers many possibilities to enjoy the tranquillity of this gorgeous nature, but in the same time, remains a centre of life, where you will find every amenities but also facilities to have a rich and social life.

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: the special history of Bourganeuf and its former wealth makes that many interesting sites abounds in the town. The castle of the Hospitaliers illustrates this perfectly. Built during the 12th century, it was created to provide shelter to travellers and pilgrims, but also to hospitalize the ills. Then, it became the headquarters of the Grand Prieur and the knights. During the 15th century, a tower now called the Zizim tower was built to imprison the Prince Zizim. This impressive construction comprises seven storeys and the walls have a thickness of 2.8m. Another interesting thing but a bit different is the museum of water and electricity which is quite interesting to visit. Indeed, Bourganeuf are proudly presenting the town as one of the first ones of Europe to have been provided with electricity.
  • Tranquillity and scenery: Bourganeuf has blow-minding surroundings, especially in terms of water. Many watercourses or ponds in the middle of the forest paint wonderful landscapes. The Gorges du Verger was the first natural site of the Limousin to be listed. At the centre of the industrial activity in the 18th and the 19th centuries, it allowed to supply the first hydroelectric wiring thanks to its white waters. It is a magical place where to stroll. The Mourne, a tributary of the Thaurion River, offers other magical sceneries. Wild, this tributary flows on a granitic soil that it progressively sculpted with the time. The good quality of its water makes that a diversity of fauna can be found in it, like trout, perch, crayfish, etc… It is also a place appreciated by otter, a protected species in France.
  • Activities: hunting and fishing are really popular in this area. Some clubs of hunting organise hunting on small and big game, even with arch. Fishing can be made in almost every pond, but also in river. Beside, a myriad of activities can be practiced in Bourganeuf itself. Tennis, petanque or horse riding can be made, but even more special sports as cheerleader, shooting, Tai Chi Chuan, motocross and more others! The offer is really complete, as the town possesses a golf course and a gym. Close to it, the Vassivière Lake gives the possibility of bathing, canoeing, sailing, water skiing or doing pedalo. Nobody will get bored in Bourganeuf!

Property Styles and Architecture in Bourganeuf

  • Stone farmhouses: imposing beautiful farmhouses abound in Bourganeuf. They are built in stones smothered in a bath of mortar, which gives light and regular walls. The openings are often framed with different regular stones or bricks, which can be of a light colour or on the contrary with orange/red stones. This, but also the wooden shutters, gives plenty of charm to the properties. These rustic farmhouses usually have outbuildings such as barns, directly stuck to the main house. The roof is mainly constructed of tiles and comprises one or two chimneys. Inside, it is not rare to have visible wooden beams which add character to the rooms, but it is also frequent to find a bread oven.
  • Large cottages: Bourganeuf has many farmhouses or small exploitation buildings in stones, that sometimes need restoration and thus, can be bought for almost nothing. Beside, it is possible to find recent rendering constructions that differ from the stone houses. Many large cottages were constructed a few years ago. Made in L-shape, they offer lots of space and several rooms. Their roof is normally built with red tiles. Their esthetism is quite « neutral », but coloured shutters or other ornaments personnalize these houses.

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