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Dun-le-Palestel is a village of Creuse in the Limousin region, which accounts for a population of 1,100 inhabitants. The Pays Dunois is an area of plateaus and valleys which comprises woodland and farmland. It encompasses 13 communes, with Dun-le-Palestel at its centre as the most important one. There, the altitude varies between 197m (commune of Crozant) and 546m (commune of Saint-Sulpice-le-Dunois).


24km northwest of Guéret, the airport of Limoges can be reached in one hour. Dun-le-Palestel is a farming and light industrial village located between the Indre and the Creuse Rivers. Many elements of heritage are to be discovered in the Pays Dunois like small fountains, wash-houses, churches, remarkable chapels or the ruins of the Crozant castle. In Dun-le-Palestel itself, there are the church of Notre-Dame, the war memorial (the town lost 64 people during the first war), the small castle and some narrow streets that enable to appreciate the ancient houses of Dun.

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Dun le Palestel Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In Dun-le-Palestel, houses from different price, size and style can be found. Thus, everyone should find their dream property as many dwellings are for sale. Indeed, Creuse is one of the cheapest departments of France and thus enable to buy even large properties for a pittance!

Properties can already be found under €50,000, restoration needed or not. Thus, Dun-le-Palestel counts 16% of second homes. People who like countryside do not hesitate to buy there with such affordable prices. At the beginning of 2009, the average for a property in Creuse was around €1,150/ sq m that is to say not far from the third of the national average!

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Dun le Palestel

Dun-le-Palestel is definitely the perfect place for those who like countryside and want some tranquillity. Meadows, hills, forests… this is the kind of landscapes it has to offer.

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: the wash-house of Dunet is certainly the most important site of the town. In the 50’s, this was the place where housewives met before the advent of the washing machine. Today, the wash house is still used, but only by a very few inhabitants. A beautiful fountain cut in an unique block of granite stands a dozen meters from there and was restored in 2006.

  • Street markets: they are a tradition that everyone likes. There are places where you can meet the other inhabitants, have the latest news and buy guaranteed fresh produce. In Dun-le-Pastel, it is held on every Thursday morning. A big fair takes place on the first Thursday of every month and a smaller one on the third Thursday. In December, a lovely Christmas street market is established in the village.

  • Activities: the number of watercourses, ponds and lakes in the area invite to practice activities such as fishing, kayaking, windsurfing or bathing. Other sports can be practised in Dun-le-Palestel like mountain biking, horse riding, petanque, tennis or even motocross. Some special activities are organised during summer by the tourism office. Thus, several botanical and evening outings are organised in the area. It is also possible to do a promenade by boat at the heart of the Creuse gorges. It is perfect to discover numerous sites differently during the 24km of the promenade: ruins of Crozant, levee of Eguzon, the lake of Chambon…

Property Styles and Architecture in Dun le Palestel

  • Stone farmhouses: a high number of properties in Creuse are farmhouses. In Dun-le-Palestel, the farmhouses vary in size but are always built in stones. The biggest ones with barns stuck to the main building and outbuildings present a bit more decoration. It is not rare to find the openings framed with coloured stones. Generally, the stones used for the construction are small cinder blocks piled with almost nothing else.

  • Detached houses: these properties differ from farmhouses as they sometimes have rendering facades and do not have outbuildings. However, the openings (door and windows) can also be framed with coloured stones.

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