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Guéret is a nice town of the Creuse deparment in Limousin. After being the major town of the Haute-Marche area - the Marche being a former French province - it is now the prefecture of Creuse. The town grew up around a monastery built in 690. The 13,800 locals are called the Guéretois. Gueret is located at the foot of the Puy-de-Gaudy, on a vast plateau between the Creuse and Gartempe rivers. With 18 other towns and villages, it forms the communauté de communes de Guéret Saint-Vaury which is an urban area aiming at developing itself thanks to common projects.


Guéret is a good starting point to discover the Creuse department and to enjoy this French rural area. Its settings are great: situated nearby the Lac de Courtille (Courtille’s Lake), nature is still unspoiled in this zone. Gueret has many interesting sites on offer: an art and archaeological museum, a great botanical garden, planetarium observatory, etc. From the Place Bonnyaud (Bonnyaud Square) to the market square, you will be able to stroll in narrow pedestrian streets and discover the town’s architecture. Guéret’s cultural life is also very active and everything is provided to make the inhabitants’ life easier and pleasant.

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Guéret Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Limousin region is the paradise for those who want to relax and discover the French rural life. On top of that, property prices in this area are very cheap and locals welcoming. As far as Gueret is concerned, house prices are also really accessible. Plan to spend about €1,180 /square metre for an apartment to buy in the town’s surroundings. Investing in an apartment in the town itself will cost you between €1,180 and €1,440 /square metre. A 3-room house costs €68,000 and a 6-room one about €119,400 - the average price for a house to buy in Guéret being €94,600.

As the rental market in Gueret is very interesting (€7.5 / sq m), people tend to rent rather than buy a dwelling there. Almost 53% of the inhabitants rent their properties. Many houses in need of restoration are available for less than €30,000. What about investing in a large property in the area, restoring it and enjoying peaceful holidays? You will definitely be seduced by the pleasant atmosphere of Guéret!

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Guéret

Gueret is a lovely town at the heart of rural France. It is very pleasant to live in this area which has various small industries (especially wood products and jewellery) and many assets.

  • Cultural life: the Musée de la Sénatorerie (art and archaeological museum) is composed of a room about natural history of the 19th century with numerous tapestries, works of art, paintings, etc dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. Located in the old Hôtel de la Sénatorerie that served as residence of senators under Napoleon, this museum is famous for its pieces of Limousine goldsmith’s, Chinese ceramics and a Gallo-Roman statuary. Gueret is also home to a 5-room cinema, as well as a place called la Fabrique (the factory) where you can attend theatre plays, dancing shows, concerts, etc.
  • Sights: the hôtel de Moneyroux was built in the 15th century by Antoine Allard, the Lord of Moneyroux and count of the Marche area. Constructed in a Gothic style, this building is now the headquarters of Creuse’s General Council and home to the local archives. The Présidial (Court of Justice during the French ancient regime) dates back to the 17th century and houses the town hall. The church of St.Pierre & St.Paul is not to be missed neither.
  • Transport links: Gueret is located at the junction of the secondary roads D942 and D940 and the national road N145. To access the town, you can either take a high-speed train from Paris to Limoges or a plane to Limoges’ airport (72km south west of Gueret). We advice you to hire a car in order to be able to tour round and discover this beautiful rural area.
  • Surroundings: wonderful monuments and natural areas can be found close to Gueret. Here are some examples: the château de Sainte Feyre (18th century) has a beautiful chapel listed as an historical monument. Situated 3km on the south of the town, the giant vegetal labyrinth is a good entertainment, especially for children. The Chabrières forest includes a zoo called Les loups de Chabrières where wolves are in semi-captivity in large pens.
  • Activities: the Courtille Lake is a leisure centre composed of an artificial lake bordered with a shaded path and surrounded by many woods and forests. Plenty of sports can be practised in this area which has a circumference of about 3 km: running, sailing, strolling, bathing, etc. Guéret is also home to a mountain bikes centre. In other words, this town is perfect for those who want to spend nice family holidays. Children will enjoy taking the air and playing in the nature!

Property Styles and Architecture in Guéret

  • Stone houses: these properties can be found in many areas in France, especially in rural ones. Stone houses often come with outbuildings and a large garden or piece of land. The indoor is really authentic with exposed wooden beams and stone walls. Most of the time, there is also a chimney and an attic in the house and a garage is attached to the main building. Sometimes in need of renovation, these stone houses are of a great value.
  • Large cottages: of important dimensions, these properties are prefect for families. Containing at least 3 bedrooms, these large cottages also come with a large garden, a garage, a cellar and an attic. The walls are often covered with rendering and roof is constructed of tiles.

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