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Located in the north of the Haute-Vienne department at 45km of Limoges, Bellac is a modest town which accounts for more than 4,000 inhabitants. Geographically, it is situated in the area of the Monts de Blond (hills) and benefits of an unspoilt environment made of pastoral landscapes and forests, crossed by numerous watercourses whose most important one is the Vincou, very appreciated by the inhabitants for the fishery.


Bellac is appreciated for its quality of life, which harmoniously mixes with the richness of its patrimony. During the 10th century, the count of Marche built his castle there to control the trade coming from the ocean. Then, the town was bound by walls and became prosperous during the Middle-Age, thanks to its tannery. Many notable people went to Bellac, as it is the case for Jean de la Fontaine, the most famous French fabulist who wrote a Fable in Bellac. Furthermore, it is also the town of Jean Giraudoux, who is considered to be amongst the most important French dramatist of the 20th century. It is nothing to say that the village and its inhabitants are proud of this. Thus, Bellac emphasizes its cultural aspect with some festivals as the Nocturne de Bellac which allows to discover its patrimony by night once a year.

Even if Bellac can be characterized as “modest”, the town comprises all the facilities needed. It even has a hospital on the Jolibois site and a veterinary clinic. A theatre and a cinema provide animation to the town during evenings, and the aquatic centre, the numerous tennis courses and the stadium offer the possibility to get exercise during the day.

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Bellac Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Limousin region is really sought-after, especially for those who are looking for the tranquillity of the countryside. Many English people come to Limousin, but also the French living in big cities who want to relocate to escape the stress that a city can generate. Beside the tranquillity, the cheap price of the properties is another reason which attracts potential buyers. Indeed, the property prices in the Haute-Vienne department were around €1,400/ sq m at the beginning of 2009. If you compare it with the national average, which was not far from €3,200/ sq m, the calculation is rapidly made!

In Bellac, more than 5% of the properties are second homes and 50% of the total properties are houses. Generally, the properties in this town are large with 60% of the houses and apartments comprising at least 2 bedrooms.

The good news for those interested in buying a property in Bellac is that 10% of the properties are still vacant. Thus, choice is offered and it will be easier to find the dream property!

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bellac

Bellac is not a big town, but it seems to be very appreciated amongst English people. For instance, you will find a café and a guesthouse in Bellac owned by Brits. Here are some attractive assets of Bellac:

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: as many villages and towns of France, Bellac has a cultural and historical heritage which is preserved by the commune. The town hall itself is based in a lovely castle dating from the 16th century, which is open to visits. The religious patrimony is quite important. There are the Eglise Notre Dame de Bellac and the Chasse Reliquaire (the oldest relic of the Limousin), decorated with enamel of Limoges dating from the 12th century.Jean Giraudoux, born in Bellac, has of course its own museum and some skin dryer from the 15th century can be seen, as tannery was a strong economical activity. Many other vestiges dating from the Middle-Age like a bridge or a tower give authenticity to this modest town.
  • Tranquillity and scenery: the granite mounts of the Monts de Blond, high and proud, face the green grasslands of the Marche and the Poitou. In this beautiful nature, small villages, Romanesque churches, chapels and peaceful tracks offer simple promenades or either hikes by foot, by horse or with mountain bikes. Many becks and rivers flow underneath oak trees and beeches, and fund large ponds. The diversity of landscapes is definitely responsible for the incredible charm of the area.
  • Markets and fairs: markets always animate the towns and villages. In Bellac, not less than 3 markets weekly take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the last one being the most important of the week. In addition, a local fair takes place every first day of the month and the larger fair of the ovine breeding occurs yearly in September. Then, seasonal markets also exist, as the Christmas market or the summer markets in July and August. Beside these fairs and markets, some events worth a detour like the Nocturne de Bellac in September or the lamb fest in the summer.
  • Activities: in Bellac, everyone’s taste will be satisfied, as the activities are numerous and varied. Of course, the several watercourses and ponds offer great times of fishery. Adapted sites exist, which sell material, give courses and organize animation. Then, the nature invites you to do some hiking or mountain biking, and specialised organisations give you the opportunity to do paragliding, hang-gliding, microlighting or gliding. If you want to stay on earth, tennis and golf courses are at your disposal, as well as an equestrian centre and a swimming pool. For those who are not interested by sportive activities, know that Bellac has a cinema, but also a discotheque, a concert hall, a library and lots of animations and events are organised during the year.
  • Location – transport links: not too far from Limoges and its international airport, Bellac has the chance to be served by shuttles going to the airport, which also provides cheap flights to many countries of Europe thanks to low-cost companies. The town also have a rail station, connecting Bellac to Limoges and Poitiers, which have a TGV line.

Property Styles and Architecture in Bellac

The most recent part is established outside the former walls of Bellac, while the oldest part of the town is established on a rocky peak, with houses literally built into the rock. Thus, the narrow streets of the ancient centre comprise dwellings of medieval architecture. On the banks of the river, a former suburb sheltered stalls and all the animation linked to the activity of mills. Today, this suburb is almost only composed of dwellings. The architecture is homogeneous, above all marked by flat roofs made of curved tiles which are slightly jutted out.

  • Half-timbered houses: old houses dating from between the 15th and the 18th century can be seen in picturesque quarters. These half-timbered houses, remaining from the time of the fort, surround the church on the emplacement of the former castle in a maze of tight streets.
  • Detached houses: many detached houses lie in Bellac, and have been restored recently to their past glory. The town has strict rules for renovation, in order to preserve its former charm. Thus, people are only allowed to paint their houses and shutters in certain colours, and it has to be approved by the town mayor.
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