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The little medieval town of Mirepoix is located in the Hers valley, in the Ariege department - between Carcassonne and Pamiers. With its 3,100 Mirapiciens (locals), this ancient bastide town is a great place to linger. Mirepoix belongs to the Pays D’Olmes - a scenically breathtaking area of tree-covered slopes in the Cathar Pyrenees. You can practice many activities in these unspoiled mountains: marked walking, hiking, horse riding and mountain bike riding for instance. Mirepoix is a nice town full of character and charm. The town’s surroundings abound with history. The sceneries there are breathtaking and really worth a visit.


Mirepoix is a beautiful French town situated in a rural part of the country. Since its creation, the town was nearly destroyed twice (by both floods and fire). It has been rebuilt and is now considered to be one of Ariege’s prettiest towns. Mirepoix’s highlight is its central square, place des Couvents, which is surrounded by medieval houses and arcades. You will be amazed by the fascinating woodwork involved in these houses. In this area of France, culture and craft industry coexist and allow you to attend great events all year round. It is the perfect place to go if you want to discover this region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains full of history.

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Mirepoix Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in the Ariege department are usually more affordable than in the rest of the southern part of France. Even if these prices have been soaring these recent years due to the increasing popularity of the area, there are still bargains to drive there.

Properties in Mirepoix are generally very large: 45% of all the properties have 5 rooms or more. Detached houses (80%) can be found much easier than apartments (14%). Buying an apartment or a villa in Mirepoix to rent it to holidaymakers is really interesting as the town is a very sought-after destination, especially in summer. This town is really famous amongst British people. Indeed, many English speakers go there on holiday or even purchase a property there for a permanent life in France.

any parts of the Ariege department are as yet undiscovered by overseas property buyers, but this area is becoming more and more famous and investing there would be a sound investment.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Mirepoix

Mirepoix is a quiet place to go on holiday or even invest in a property. This ancient bast

  • Sights: Mirepoix cathedral - cathédrale Saint-Maurice - built in a Gothic style is a former Roman Catholic cathedral. This national monument is worth a visit. The town centre is built around the place de Couverts the main attraction of which is the 14th century Maison des Consuls. This residence history located on the central square of this medieval town has overhanging arcades with exposed beams as well as about 150 carved figures that feature among the ancient woodwork.

  • Apples’ festival: the town is renowned for its Fêtes des Pommes (Festival of the Apples) which is held in the autumn to celebrate the apple harvest. For the occasion, massive statues made from apples decorate the town’s main square. Mirepoix also hosts other festivals such as a jazz and a puppet festival.

  • Attraction of English tourists: Mirepoix is very popular amidst English speakers. Many of them go there on holiday or even buy a property in this lovely town. The demand on English products created an English economy and you can now find a wide choice of English food, newspapers and even an English real estate agency that will help you finding a property there!

  • Mirepoix’s surroundings: you will find many nice places around Mirepoix where you will be able to relax, have fun and visit: the small ski resort of Mont D’Olmes, Cathar Castle of Montsegur, prehistoric caves, the beautiful Lac Montbel, etc. Most of these areas offer numerous sports, including walking, horse-riding, cycling and many water sports.

  • Access and transport links: thanks to its location close to Carcassonne’s and Toulouse’s airports (1h by car), the town can be easily reached from the United Kingdom. There are bargains to be driven with the low costs airlines. You can also access Mirepoix by train with the Eurostar and high-speed train TGV or by car as the town is near many major motorways of south-western France.

For your information: the name Mirepoix is also used to speak about an important ingredient in French cuisine. It is a dish made of carrots, onions and celery that you can enjoy raw, roaster or sautéed with butter. The name derives from the Duke of Mirepoix (18th century) who invented this recipe.

Property Styles and Architecture in Mirepoix

The nice medieval town of Mirepoix boasts various property styles.

  • Half-timbered houses: the town’s large central square is great for people who like half-timbered style. Indeed, such medieval houses decorated with delightful wooden sculptures can be found there. Supported on thick wooden pillars, with their upper storeys overhanging the walkways below, these properties create a magnificent covered arcade perfect for the lively market. Other features of these colombage houses are high windows, coloured-painted shutters and walls and slightly sloping roofs.

  • Stone village houses: you will find in Mirepoix many authentic and pretty stone village houses, some of them being nicely renovated to provide cosy accommodation. With several rooms (at least 4 in general), a lovely garden, a courtyard behind the property and an outstanding view on the Pyrenees mountains, these houses are perfect for those of you want to have a good access to the mountains and live in quiet area.

  • Longères houses: constructed of stone, often surrounded with a large land (several acres of field, forest or garden), these properties full of charm have huge dimensions. They are lengthwise and their back faces the dominant wind direction. Longeres are single-storied properties with living-room and bedroom often being connected together. Their value can even increase if you renovate them. Do not miss such an opportunity!

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