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Albi is the prefecture of the Tarn department, and has a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants which almost double with its suburbs. This town of the Midi-Pyrenees region is well-known for its impressive fortified cathedral. The coloured bricks of the cathedral were also used to build the ancient centre, and are responsible for the nickname of Albi: “la ville rouge” (the red town).


Albi is really rich in terms of culture. Many mind-blowing buildings are spread across the town. The wonderful cathedral is challenged by the Palais de la Berbie, a strong fortress which now shelters the museum of the post-impressionist painter Toulouse-Lautrec. The magnificent quarter of the ancient Albi is made of 63 ha. of red brick houses with red tile roofs. Originally built in stones in 1035 and embellished with bricks, the beautiful Vieux-Pont rests on eight arches. In the 14th century, it was fortified and reinforced by a drawbridge.

The craftsmanship is important as well, and many “Art craftsmen” can be find in Albi. Mosaic, pottery, watercolour, pastel paintings, blacksmith’s and jewellery are the kind of art craftsmanship made there.

At the beginning of the 21st century, improvements have been done in the town. Some public places and numerous streets were rehabilitated and renovated regarding the architecture of the town.

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Albi Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Despite its proximity with Toulouse, Albi has not really benefited of its recent increase of population, contrarily to other nearest towns as Montauban or Gaillac. Then, after having increased, the prices are decreasing since the beginning of 2007. Numerous new properties, houses and apartments, were built the last years and many (above all those with one or two bedrooms) of them are still vacant. 8.4% of the whole properties are waiting for a buyer.

If you want to buy a property, the blue chips are located in the town centre, the historical heart of Albi, around the place Sainte-Cecile or the place du Vigan, in the quartier de la Madeleine on the right bank of the Tarn River. Account for around €1,900/ s qm to acquire a property there. The sale of house is going well for typical houses of the years 1930 like the beautiful traditional houses made of red bricks or the half-timbered ones of the centre of Albi, but also for the outlying villas of quality, with garden and swimming pool.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Albi

In Albi, the opportunity to buy a cheap property exists, and many houses are vacant. But several other reasons can be add to the simplicity to find a property there:

  • Aestheticism: founded a long time ago, Albi is a town with a strong identity and a rich past. The architecture of the town has been well-preserved and thus can attest this. The red bricks really give a cachet to the ancient quarter. It is pleasant to see the will of the town and its inhabitants to improve the aestheticism of Albi in keeping and renovating old houses or public places.

  • Weather: Albi benefits of a gentle temperate climate with mild and humid spring and a warm, dry summer. The weather there is really pleasant and allows many outdoor activities the major part of the year and bathing in the many lakes and river of the department during summer.

  • Transport: Albi is not too badly served for a department as Tarn, which is mainly a rural area. The town is situated on the communication axis of Toulouse and Rodez. It has also two rail stations and has a good network of bus. A project for a tramway in Albi is being developed for the moment. Rodez-Marcillac, Toulouse and Castres-Mazamet are the three nearest airports reachable from Albi.

  • Green spaces: Albi can be called a pleasant town, because it is not too big and has plenty of green spaces. The most fantastic thing is that 3km of hiking ways on the heart of the town have been made! Not every town can bride itself on having hiking ways…

Property Styles and Architecture in Albi

  • Half-timbered houses: this type of houses is commonly found in the ancient centre of the town. Typical from the medieval period, it associates red bricks and wooden sections. Half-timbered houses are the most ancient houses of Albi and are characterised by typical aspects: the half-timbering, the open-air attic called “soleilhou”, where the pastel was dried and the corbel, a floor reserved for housing which exceeds on the street to gain in surface.
  • Mansions: majestuous mansions punctate Albi, which was formerly a major place for trade. These huge houses of several floors usually date from the 18th and 19th century. They comprise panelling, somptuous moulding and sometimes they have kept the decor of their bourgeois origin like beautiful wooden chimney or elegant trumeau fireplace, moldings on the ceiling and stained glass window.

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