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Soissons is a 28,450 inhabitant (called the Soissonnais) French town, located in the north of France. It belongs to the Aisne department and to the Picardy region, and is part of the historical region of Soissonnais. Thanks to its prestigious past, as the first capital of the Merovingian Kingdom, Soissons boasts a rich historical and architectural heritage, dominated by Gothic style. However, since WWII, the town is experiencing a slowdown and is having difficulties moving on.


Soissons is a 2,000 year old town, which dates back to the Gallo-Roman era. Actually, it was even named after a Gallo-Belgium people, called the Suessions. After Clovis’ victory over Syagrius, Soissons became the first capital city of the Francs Kingdom (in 486 AD). It was then the capital city of the Neustrie (a Kingdom governed by Clotaire 1st and stretching over the north west of France. Soissons developed and prospered well between the 12th and the 13th century. From these times you will see many Gothic monuments, vestiges of this golden period.

Soissons’ decline started during the 16th century, when the town was the stage of struggle between Catholics and Protestants. In 1567, Protestants won the town, and destroyed many religious monuments. Then again, during WWI, Soissons was at the heart of two bloody battles, the Marne battle and the Chemin des Dames battle which was followed by a mutiny. Some monuments were destroyed, as for instance one of the two towers of the cathedral, which represents today Soissons originality.

Today Soissons is the sub administrative centre of the Aisne department. It was going to be the prefecture, but they finally chose Laon, as it has a more central position in the department. However, Soissons is the first city of Aisne as far as population is concerned, and it also a large historical and cultural heritage.

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Soissons Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France in 2009 is sold in average €3,200 /sq m. Since in Soissons prices are around €2,116/sq m, we can say that the town is rather inexpensive. If compared with the department average (€1,670 /sq m), prices are higher in Soissons. This is understandable as prices are always higher in town than in the countryside, and as Soissons is the largest town of the department it is logical that it is also the most expensive.

Buying prices vary according to the type of property. You can count on average €1,990 /sq m for an apartment, €2,014 /sq m for a house and €2,319 for a villa. We besides notice that ancient properties prices tend to increase. As far as the rental market is concerned, Soissons offers rather great opportunities, as 66% of residents are tenants.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Soissons

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Soissons is listed as an Art and History town thanks to its beautiful Gothic and historical heritage. The town and its surroundings also gather some museums that participate to the cultural heritage. For instance, the Arsenal is a vestige of the German occupation and it houses nowadays contemporary art exhibitions. There are also some castles in the Soissonnais area, such as Coucy castle, Fere en Tardenois castle or again Blerancourt castle.

  • Outdoor activities: Soissons is located at the heart of a beautiful area called the Soissonnais. This area gathers walkways, rivers, cycle paths, etc., kids as well as growing up persons will find their joy in this green haven. Theme walks are organised in order to discover the culture, history, or just landscape of the area.

  • Architectural heritage history has let a large architecture heritage in Soissons, largely dominated by Gothic style. There are 5 incontrovertible monuments you should visit: the former Saint Medard Abbey, St Pierre square, St Leger Abbey, St Gervais St Protais cathedral, and the former St Jean des Vignes Abbey.

  • Location – transport links: the main asset of the Picardy region is probably its closeness to the French capital, which helped it to develop and prosper along the centuries. Owing to this proximity, and the natural environment, Kings and nobles used to have one of their residences in the area. Soissons is today very well linked to Paris with many frequent TER (regional trains).

Property Styles and Architecture in Soissons

  • Apartments: as they represent 60% of dwellings, you are more likely to find an apartment than anything else. They do not have a special archicture style, hiwever most of them are relatively new as they were built after WWII. You will easily find the one that match your needs: size, location, features, the offer is very large.

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