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Voiron, a French town of Isère, in the Rhone-Alpes region, is the second urban centre of Grenoble). area, but also one of the three entrance doors of the Regional nature park of Chartreuse (with Chambéry and Grenoble). This lovely town of 21,283 inhabitants is located 25km to the north of Grenoble, the prefecture of the department.


Voiron’s history is rich. Today, admiring its vestiges is even possible: at the bend of the streets and squares, discover Saint Pierre church, Saint Bruno church and the Barral tower. The Saint-Bruno church overhangs the roofs of the town. It is used by the locals as a meeting point. The church has been part of France’s historical heritage since 1994: it is a Neogothic-style edifice with two arrows on both sides. Inside, stare at its gorgeous organ and stained glass.

Voiron is well-known for being the birthplace of worldwide renowned companies such as Les caves de la Chartreuse, Bonnat chocolate factory, Radiall and Antésite. It is also the home of the annual fair called La Foire de la Saint Martin which has taken place each year in November, 10 and 11 since 1356 (the latter being the date of France’s armistice anniversary of WWI). This fair is a huge street market welcoming nearly 200,000 visitors and 650 stall keepers. You will discover produce of Rhone Alpes as well as of Italy or Germany.

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Voiron Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, property prices in Voiron are on average €2,533 /sq m. Considering the national average of €3,197 /sq m, it appears that the town is neither expensive nor cheap. Price in the town centre are affordable, bargains are always on offer. If this average is still too high for you, have a look in the surroundings, where prices may be lower. Voiron is a town where it is pleasant to live, especially with the closeness to the mountains offering an amazing view. Ideal for ski lovers, the slopes are reachable within 1 hour / 1 ½ hour.

As regards rentals, Voiron offers good rental opportunities. Indeed, 54.5% of the residents are tenants, so it should not be difficult to rent your future property there. Even if Voiron is equipped with bus routes, it is always easier for people to live in the centre so that they don’t need to use their car. Studio flats are rare in the town (only 6.6%), 3 and 4-room apartments being much more sought-after. In terms of prices, 4-room flats are cheaper than a 3-room one: €1,950 /sq m against €2,200 /sq m. Thus, the best investment should be in a 4-room apartment to be let.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Voiron

  • Les caves de la Chartreuse: this is a unique place in the world! Indeed, the town is home to the famous liqueur made by the Carthusian Fathers, the Chartreuse. The production dates back from the 18th century and Voiron has housed the cellars and the distillery since 1935. There, you will discover the old and modern copper stills which are controlled by the monks (they check carefully the different steps of the distillation from their monastery located 25km from Voiron, at the heart of the Chartreuse massif). This wonderful domain is absolutely not to be missed, visits are free and last about 45 minutes, after which you can taste one of the liqueurs.

  • Landscapes and sights: Notre-Dame de Vouise offers a panoramic view over Voiron and its surroundings. Located on a hill called la Vouise, 737m high, you can admire the amazing sceneries (the mountainous massifs of Chartreuse and Vercors) and the statute of Notre-Dame-de-Vouise. The viewpoint indicator will allow you to know the names of the surrounding peaks and the main monuments of Voiron. The hill is reachable in about half an hour. Once there, you will have to climb the 90 steps of the tower. The latter has been watching over the town since 1868, after having been transported in spare parts. A gorgeous discovery! Another great asset of the commune is its access to the slopes, since situated only 25km from Grenoble. Skiing in winter is part of the local habits. Furthermore, the famous Skis Rossignol factory is based in Voiron.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: an astonishing haven of peace in the heart of the town, the park offers scent, quietness and colours. It stretches over 30,400 sq m and displays greenery and multicoloured floral beds. Gaze at the huge plane tree, 50m tall and 6m wide. It is a great place to meet the inhabitants of the park: deers, peacocks on the grass and ducks and gooses along the stream. A swimming-pool, miniature golf and adventure playground often make children and parents happy.

  • Street markets: doing to the market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings is a tradition for the locals. There, you can find any kind of item, produce, clothes and so on. A good place to meet the locals, have a break in a bar, visit the town and do your shopping. It is the largest street market of the Isere department in terms of stall keepers (about 250).

  • Chartreuse: as exposed previously, this is a distilled alcohol, and more precisely a liqueur. It is produced by monks called in French the Pères Chartreux (the name comes from the Chartreuse Mountains). The liqueur is made of 130 herbal extracts picked in the Chartreuse. Several types of Chartreuse are on offer: Green and Yellow Chartreuse are the most sought-after and the most renowned ones. But the monks also produce Chartreuse VEP (extra long ageing) and Elixir Végétal de la Grande Chartreuse. After a delightful local meal, drink some centiliters of Chartreuse and it will help you to digest!

Property Styles and Architecture in Voiron

  • Apartments: as 72.2% of the dwellings in Voiron are apartments, they represent a good kind of property if you are looking for a buy-to-let investment. The demand is higher in 3 and 4-room apartments than in flats. Many new residences in the city centre offer modern and luminous apartments. They also often come with a common park and sometimes a garage. When not built in residences, they offer a more charming old style, with exposed beams for instance.

  • Detached houses: about 24% of properties in Voiron are houses. Some of them are located in the town centre and offer quietness and closeness to all amenities. They come with a piece of land, terrace and sometimes a swimming-pool. Stone houses are very charming and full of character. They may be a good choice for those who want to settle in the area. Some of them are modern, but you may find others to be renovated. The latter will allow you to let your imagination run wild in terms of renovation and decoration.

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