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Situated to the east of Lyon (in the Rhône department and in the Rhone-Alpes region), Bron is part of the 57 communes of the Urban Community of Lyon, also called the Grand Lyon. Its strategic location allows the town to benefit from the agglomeration potential, being connected to the city centre of Lyon thanks to the tramway, buses and roads. It 39,000 inhabitants are called the Brondillants.

Bron constitutes one of the industrial centres of Lyon metropolis (metallurgy and glassmaking). The commune is home to a university (Université Lumière-Lyon 2) and a private airport (one of the most important business airports of France). Numerous companies set up in the area and several facilities such as the hospital and Eurexpo (an international park of exhibitions) make Bron a dynamic and thriving town.

But Bron is not only an industrial pole. It is only the poumon vert of the east of Lyon (literally the green lung), with over 260ha of greenery, amongst which the Parc de Parilly, Fort de Bron and Bois des Essarts.


Bron is a cultural centre organizing several events all year round. For instance, the Fête du Livre takes place each year during three days in the racecourse. Over 30,000 visitors attend the free event and meet about 50 writers (more or less famous). The aim is to offer the public a place where everyone can think, exchange and be part of a debate on a determined topic.

The town is also home to the International de pétanque (in May 2006: 1,000 players and 4,000 spectators), a great competition of petanque for men, women and even for the youth! Bron is an awarded commune with no less than four prizes: Town friend of the children (a UNICEF award given to communes and associations which are committed towards youth), the most sportive town of 2008 (in the category of towns of over 20,000 inhabitants), town Internet 3@ (since Bron participates to the development of new technologies) and Marianne d’or du Sport (action in terms of sports politics).

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Bron Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The average property price in France in 2009 is €3,197 /sq m and apartments are rent €12.22 /sq m a month. In Bron, a property is sold €2.540 /sq m and rentals are about €10.33 /sq m a month. Property prices being below the national average, it should be worth buying a property there. Furthermore, the town is only 10km to the third city of France in terms of population and thus benefits from many facilities of the surroundings.

The rental market in the commune is also interesting since over 48% of the residents are tenants. The closeness to the university brings many students to rent an apartment in the area. Another feature of the properties in Bron is that there are only 17.3% of houses in the town. Thus, investing in an apartment should be a good placement, especially if you are looking for a buy-to-let.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bron

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: three main monuments located in Bron are worth seeing. The fort, erected from 1875 to 1878, is a major edifice whose aim was the defense of the town (after the 1870 war during which France lost two regions, Alsace and Lorraine). In 1975, the Urban Community of Lyon became the owner of the fort and the latter now houses a museum. Then, Saint Denis church, whose first chapel was built around 1270, was destroyed during WWII and restored. Gaze at the so-called maison forte, the sole feudal vestige of Bron. The house was surrounded by a wall to protect it in case of danger. Finally, François-Saïssi museum will tell you the story of ex-servicemen, Resistance fighter and war victims.

  • Economy: the main asset of Bron is definitely its location. Indeed, it is at the heart of important transport facilities (business airport, roads, motorways and public transports). This can easily explain the dynamism of the town: over 20,000 jobs mainly in the service sector (telephony, IT). Two business parks of the area are the home of more than 250 companies on over 50ha. Corner shop is not outdone: about 350 shops and 6 markets are set up in Bron.

  • Transport links: Bron is served by the public transports (TCL). The tramway, tube and buses lead both to the city centre of Lyon and its agglomeration. If you want to go in the town by car, note that the whole parking in Bron is free. As exposed previously, Bron airport is a business one and benefits from many assets (free parking, meeting room, numerous hostels…). Over 2,000 destinations are available on demand. But Bron is also near the international airport of Lyon (Saint Exupery Airport), flying to Europe, especially to the London Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow. Finally, many motorways will let you travel to the south, north, east and west of France.

Property Styles and Architecture in Bron

As previously said, Bron houses over 80% of apartments. Thus, the town has no particular architectural style that you can find in other regions such as Brittany and Alsace. The commune is partially inhabited by students, which make it a location offering good rental opportunities. Most flats are part of a residence and offer facilities such as entry phone and garage (sometimes a park). If you are looking for a let, a good idea may be to furnish the property, which will probably attract many students.

You will also find a few town houses and detached houses in the town centre and surroundings. They may come with a piece of land, terrace and garage. They will offer you a bit of quietness and greenery at the heart of a thriving area.

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