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Increase Branding via Content Sponsorship

Advertise to a targeted audience via If your company provides services for customers moving to France or already living in France then our free content sections will provide access to core customers. Our sponsorship package includes numerous benefits in various areas of

Example Featured PropertyGuides Sponsorship

  • Your adverts will appear on the high traffic pages Guides to France section of the website.

  • Sponsorship encompasses one entire guide from our comprehensive resource.

  • 3 banners per page in the guide you choose to sponsor.

  • All adverts are rotated randomly for fairness.

Example Premium PropertyNews Sponsorship

  • Your properties will also be promoted to the top of our search engine pages.

  • Properties are highlighted in blue to create more interest.

  • SpotClicks are only deducted from your promoted adverts, not your standard listings.

Additional Benefits

Please contact a member of our advertising team to arrange your advertising or to find out more information.

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