Camping in France

French Campsites are great holiday destinations. Either in the Atlantic coast or along the French Riviera, France offers many different types of camping spots. Camping is generally cheaper than rentals and hotels so this is widely appreciated for family vacation! Here is a guide to French campsites.

Are you dreaming of running a campsite in France?

Many British people hope they will soon be able to leave the gloom the UK to start a new life in France. Indeed, the French countryside is renowned for its quality of life, good food and environmental-friendly lifestyle.

The main obstacle to this clever project is that of the monies. Living in France obviously costs money and you cannot afford a living there without having a regular wage or sufficient financial resources. Setting up your own business may well be the solution for most expats.

In the past, running a guest house or a gite has been a natural choice for many expats. Nowadays the market is 'overcrowded' but new activities are available which can help you make a sufficient living. Running a campsite in France is another (little-known) option.

Many European holidaymakers love camping and the climate of France during summer time is ideal - your very best advertising partner indeed.

What do you need to run a campsite in France?

To start such an activity, you will need an initial capital as well as enthusiasm and determination to make it a success. The ‘hotellerie de plein air’ is a thriving activity in France. You can let chalets or mobile homes, in lovely settings close to the regional tourism attractions. You can also let pitches on your camping site on a permanent basis to welcome the clients' caravan.

I am interested! How can I find a campsite for sale?

Simply by browsing our search results for campsites there.

Are you looking for a camping holiday in France?

Camping in France is a very popular activity. There are many different ways to appreciate camping. The French offer is pretty vast, from the local communal camping managed by a town or village and offering basic services and a family ambience, to very sophisticated offers with swimming pool, clubs and day activities for the children for example. The south of France is a very nice place to do camping, with many campsites benefiting from a sunny, warm weather.

We particulary advise the camping sites located in the Aquitaine or next the Pyrenees like in Languedoc Roussillon, as you will be able to enjoy the mountain, the sea, and go shopping in the neighbouring Spain or Andorra.

Other parts of the South of France like Midi Pyrenees and Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur can offer different gems like medieval villages and historic places to visit. If you are interested in the French food, French houses traditional architecture, or French wine, camping can be a good way to be more mobile to visit a whole region and/or taste local products.

Check list of the perfect camper:

  • Tourist guides and road maps
  • Identity card
  • Driving license
  • Credit card and change
  • Anti-insect products
  • Medicines
  • Camping facilities: Camping tent, Air bed, Torch, Icebox, Folding table, Folding chairs, Gas stove, Folding barbecue, ...
And if you are tired of camping and want to settle more permanently in France, why not check our comprehensive Guides to living and working in France and our French property listings?

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