Cottages in France

French Cottages are part of these traditional family houses that make the pride of rural regions of France. Such authentic cottage properties are ideal for foreign visitors who seek pleasant neighbourhoods to spend their holidays or to buy a second home.

French country cottages are an excellent way to go on vacation to France avoiding the common touristic coasts and bustling cities of France. These small houses, generally providing a pleasurable garden, are indeed perfect places to relax and have a breath of fresh air.
Generally fitted with a gambrel roof (with one low, steeply pitched roof and a gently sloping upper one on each side), French cottages may offer cosy attic rooms – a plus for large families! Living in a French country house also gives you the chance to combine authenticity, quality and charm, and to discover the French way of life while appreciating the beautiful landscapes of the country. You may find charming cottages to rent or for sale in some little-known wild regions of France that remain well-preserved.
French cottages can be found, either to rent or buy, just minutes from the sea and even closer, some metres from the French beaches and not only inland. This type of property is always easier to buy than to rent since there are plenty of properties on offer. So to find a bargain cottage in France, do not focus on the seafront but try to discover the hinterland that is little-known but so authentic and wild.

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