Flights to France and Regional Airports

Regional airports in France generally have good European links, and many of them offer at least flights to London. The most dynamic airports obviously are located in the most populated regions, but some regional ones offer a very good service even in little-known regions, such as the airports in La Rochelle or in Limoges.

Some of these regional airports only offer two or three flights a week. The advantage of such traffic is that there is no crowd and you can check in, go through security checks and get on board in less than an hour.

The map below allows you to reach our regional airport pages. Alternatively, you can use the links to search and book cheap flights. Many of the regional flights are operated by Ryanair or Easyjet. If you are leaving from Paris, you will have to go to Beauvais airport to be able to use a low cost airline.

The prices of flights to regional airports are pretty reasonable, generally less than £70 for a return ticket, from London. Be careful however around busy periods such as Christmas or French holidays, prices go up very fast as the number of seats is often limited.
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