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To become familiar with the French Language and Culture, you will find here information and handy tools with regards to Speaking, Learning and Translating French. Either through schools of French or online lessons, you may rapidly become a confident Francophone (French speaker)!
The French speaking community has increasingly extended over the last few years. The Francais (French language), Romance language deriving from Latin and said to represent the ancient Roman empire, is indeed the official language in 22 countries. But this modern vernacular is also widely used today - and highly appreciated - in Cultural fields like Gastronomy, History and Arts. Indeed, France has paid a particular attention to its elegant, pure, pleasantly sounding language, making sure it would be protected and promoted all over the world. The pre-eminent Académie Française for instance, French Academy established by Richelieu in the early 17th century is to look after the development of the French language. To speak French, learn more about the French culture, get useful online tools to practise or translate from/ into French, you can visit our special French Language pages - linked below - which offer useful information, contacts and websites.
The French Cultural Institute of the UK (www.institut-francais.org.uk) located in London and the About French website (www.french.about.com) are also great sources of information for those of you who want to become familiar with Moliere's Language and join the - friendly! - French-speaking community!

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