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French English Translation requires linguistic skills as well as technical, legal, economic, cultural or even scientific knowledge. Indeed, French Translators have to be immersed in the English culture and history (and vice versa) to be able to translate properly and reliably. Today, many online tools exist to translate rapidly, automatically and for free - though not all are relevant.
The Traduction (Translation) from English to French - or vice versa - can be done online thanks to useful softwares and sites, Reverso being one of the best known. However, you can also readily use Forums and online Dictionaries where native speakers are glad to offer useful info about the French and English writing and speaking. Word Reference, apart from being a quite comprehensive dictionary, is a perfect example of that convenient - and huge - Online Linguistic Community. Modern accurate softwares have been launched over the last decade to make multilingual translations faster and easier, especially for Linguistics connoisseurs, professional translators or language lovers. Ectaco Translator, Systran, Babylon, Trados and Lingvosoft are the most used Translation softwares. Today another popular, modern online tool is the automatic (or automated) translation, Translation2 and Free Translation being some benchmarks in terms of online mutilingual services. Nevertheless, experience proved that French to English or English to French translations cannot be figured out automatically; the two languages indeed include too many colloquial phrases and words deriving from their divergent histories and cultures. To fully transcribe the meaning of a message (text, book, advert or whatever) it is essential to know a bit of the cultures of both France and England, that is why choosing a qualified translator is often the best solution. Plenty of French translators (also spelt "translaters") offer their services online, and if you have just a few lines to translate to French, they can rapidly do it, for free. If you need more substantial translations to French, professional translators or interpreters may charge you. A great website is For every thematic, precise French-English translation that calls for sharpened knowledge, don't hesitate to use British Translation Agencies, which benefit from reliable translators. AA Translation and Fast Translator are amongst the most important companies located in London.

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