French Holiday Homes

You have been too stressed by your work recently? Why not buying a second house in France to relax and have fun during your holidays? You will find below a brief guide about the French holiday homes.

Buying a second home in France has been a popular trend since the 1950’s. The most sought-after holiday homes are the ones located in the South of France like in Var, Hérault and Alpes-Maritimes, but nowadays, the demand towards holiday houses and cottages in mountainous regions (Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Pyrénées-Orientales) is also growing.

By the sea, in the countryside, in the middle of a forest, next to a lake, in a small and quiet village, in a big city or in the mountains - Just think about the kind of holidays you need before buying your property in France!

Relaxing holidays


If you enjoy relaxing during your holidays, French villas, chalets or cottages will be perfect for you!

Do you like lazing in the garden or beside the swimming-pool? has a plenty of houses with pools or great gardens on offer. You will easily find your dream home in our Property Section.

Countryside holidays

Going on holiday to rural areas is an opportunity to discover unexpected settings and lovely French villages. In this case, you can buy a farmhouse, a mill, a manor or even a traditional castle.

You can also buy an old house and restore it. This is a good alternative if you like fiddling. Houses to renovate were very sought-after a few years ago, but the trend is different now.


Touring holidays

For touring holidays, we suggest you to buy either a touring caravan or a camping-car. They are the best alternatives for adventure-seekers.

The prices of touring caravans and camping cars can vary a lot: allow between €500 and €4,500 for a second-hand caravan and between €45,000 and €50,000 for a brand new camping-car.

Caravan or camping-car holidays are a great choice to take time to discover every French region! You can plan at the last minute where you want to go and be self-assured to spend a great time on the French roads.

Click here for further information about driving in France and driving offences.

Before going to France with your camping-car, inquire for the places where you are allowed to stay because some villages or towns may not accept you: they simply do not have special areas for camping-cars.

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