French Property Exhibitions

French Property exhibitions and shows generally offer information about investing, building and living in France and they are really popular in the UK today. Similar to the Salons Immobiliers in France, such trade shows are perfect places for any potential French house buyer to meet property sellers, agents, designers and many other exhibitors.

UK Home Exhibitions

The French Village @ A Place in the Sun Live

When? March & October
Where? Earls Court, London & NEC, Birmingham
Next show? 30th March - 1st April 2012 (London)
For Who? The French Village is dedicated to property for sale without the distractions of lifestyle. It has a great mix of agencies covering the whole of France as well as related service companies providing advice on many topics, including; currency, mortgages, insurance and legal matters. The Village has a seminar area providing informative talks on a variety of topics for serious buyers.

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The France Show

When? in January
Where? Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London
For Who? Every French lovers! The exhibition is quite comprehensive and accessible. In 2012, it has particularly developed the French Lifestyle and Food & Wine Departments. Estate agencies and tourism offices of France remain the mainstays of this trade show.

The French Property Exhibition

When? 23 - 25 September 2011
Where? Olympia Two, London
For Who? Any potential French House buyer and those who simply look for information about living in France. The exhibition is really visitor-friendly and offers a wide range of information and advice about permanent houses in France, second homes, buy-to-let properties, etc.

Events in France

The French Salons Immobiliers are some huge, interesting shows hosting thousands of exhibitors and generally set in big cities' Exhibition Centre (Parcs des Expositions or Palais des Congrès). These public events are usually organised in Spring or Autumn and have proved to be very busy.

They have been largely developed all accross the country to provide the widest range of professions, from estate agencies to building companies. Some of the Salons are focused on local French properties and offer info about living in the region, whilst others are national - or even international - exhibitions, especially in Paris.

The best known property show is called Salon de l'Immobilier et de l'Habitat (Real Estate and Housing Exhibition) but it is often split into two smaller events.

The Salon de l'Immobilier is focused on the French property market including real estate agents and property wealth management advisers, as well as banking & financing, building & renovating professionals.

Main French Salons de l'Immobilier
Paris (National Exhibition): 29th Marh-1st April 2012
Toulouse: 9th-11th March 2012
Lyon: 16th-18th March 2012
Clermont-Ferrand: 9th-12th March 2012
Toulon (South East Real Estate): 14th-16th Septembre 2012
Biarritz: "Solutions Maison" 4th-7th October 2012
Paris: "Batimat" (Building Show) 7th-12th November 2011

The Salon de l'Habitat is more dedicated to Housing: decoration & furnishings, new environment-friendly materials and renewable energy systems are the most important sections.

Main Salons de l'Habitat in France
Bourges: 20th-23th January 2012
Dijon: 17th-20th February 2012
Le Touquet: 24th-26th February 2012
Nancy: "Habitat Déco" 1st-5th March 2012
Saint Lô: 2nd-4th March 2012
Riorges: 2nd-4th March 2012
Le Mans: 9th-11th March 2012
Bordeaux: "Projet Habitat" 9th-11th March 2012
Chambéry: 13th-16th April 2012
Nice: "Bâtir" 14th-22nd April 2012
Orléans: 21st-24st September 2012
Alès: 23th-26th September 2012

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