French Television Channels, Watch TV in France

In France you can watch 6 terrestrial channels. There is a true diversity of programmes and each TV channel has a very distinctive profile, from private channels offering lots of reality-TV shows like TF1 to public channels focusing on information and culture like Arte and France 5. Canal + is an alternative to these French channels, offering many movies and high-quality documentaries.

  • Channel 1

    Created in 1935, it is now TF1 (France Télévision 1)
    Audience: 31%

  • Channel 2

    Created in 1963, it is now France 2
    Audience: 20%

  • Channel 3

    Created in 1972, it is now France 3
    Audience: 14%

  • Channel 4

    Created in 1983, it is now Canal +
    Audience: 13%

  • Channel 5

    Created in 1986, it is now France 5
    Audience: 11%

  • Channel 6

    Created in 1986, it is now M6
    Audience: 11%

Source: Wikipedia

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