History of the French Regions

France is divided in 26 administrative regions, 22 being located in Europe, the others being overseas territories.

The French regions all have their own history, often linked to the religious, political and geographic background of the former provinces that once composed France. This country was born from a cultural and geographic unity but also from a revolution and a succession of different regimes that have fashioned the country over centuries. Eventually, the Vichy political regime (during WWII) created the current regions. French-Property.com is pleased to provide you with useful information about France, completely free of charge.
Alsace History Aquitaine History Auvergne History Lower Normandy History Burgundy History Brittany History Centre History Champagne Ardenne History Corsica History Franche Comte History Upper Normandy History Paris Ile de France History Languedoc Roussillon History Limousin History Lorraine History Midi Pyrénées History Nord Pas de Calais History Pays de la Loire History Picardy History Poitou Charentes History Provence Alpes Cote D'Azur History Rhone Alpes History
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