Holidays in France

There are many reasons to decide to go on holiday in France. The French benefit from a pleasant weather during 2/3 of the year and especially in the South of France, the climate is very mild and warm. The culture has been preserved and as we know, traditions are protected and still very vivid.

You could also visit France for the architecture, for its museums, the French buildings and monuments, to flee the British gloom, but also for culinary reasons, the food and wine being amongst the most renowned (but not always healthy) in the world. Here are some pieces of advice if you plan holidays in France: if you are interested in the French traditions, any place in the country is great but the East, West and South are our favourites. Same thing for the food, in the South, West and North-Eastern areas of France, people like the good food and you cannot be disappointed.
In the South of France the rhythm of life is often “slower” compared with that of the rest of the country and that of the UK. The warm weather is one of the reasons for this rhythm, in some areas similar to the Spanish way of life. The buildings and monuments are also a great asset offered by France: if interested in this, head to Paris where there is a great deal of historic places and great architecture. The south of France is also outstanding, especially Midi Pyrenees with the many Bastides (medieval fortified villages).
The Atlantic coast and moreover the famous French Riviera are highly regarded places if you are looking for a warm weather, sun beams and sunbathing, and terrace sitting while sipping fresh drinks. The little-known Rhone-alpes areas like the Ardèche are also very nice. Eventually, skiing holidays in France are a good way to discover what is on offer in terms of nature and change of scenery. Be careful to where you go, as renowned stations like Tignes or Courchevel can be very expensive, sometimes the price can be doubled from one French ski resort to another, bargains being also pretty rare. Learn more about:


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