Top 5 Magazines about France

Below is a list of the best magazines dealing with France. Many of them feature large, beautiful photos and will provide you with useful news and accurate articles about our favourite country.

Everything France
Glossy monthly magazine with many properties for sale advertised. Too many commercial adverts are diplayed in the magazine, but great articles with large photos will spark your interest. Magazine dealing more with properties than with life in France. Subscription from £32 a year. Published by Brooklands Magazines Group.
Our opinion: why not discover this magazine?

French Magazine
Glossy monthly magazine, dealing with many interesting topics, practical issues and everyday life tips. Room is given to the French food and culture. Charming articles with, once again, big photos that will make you want to relocate. Property adverts are published at the end of the magazine, which is a clever choice. Subscription from £35 a year. Published by Merricks Media Ltd.
Our opinion: the most interesting.

France Mag
Glossy monthly magazine, dealing with many topics as French news, history, beautiful gardens, French celebs and architecture. This one deals more with general topics about France but the style is slightly more complex than in French Magazine. The section on French events and culture in the UK is very interesting, a smart idea for those of you who did not relocate (yet?). Subscription (offer for the first year): £20 a year. Published by Archant Life France.
Our opinion: creative and varied topics, great subscription price.

France Today Magazine (USA)
Glossy monthly magazine (11 issues a year) - tastefully - redesigned recently. Articles are very sharp and accurate, topics are dealt with seriously. A great emphasis is put on the culture and daily life in France. The photos are often outstanding. Subscription: $45 a year. Published by FrancePress LLC (New York).
Our opinion: a high-profile and accurate US-based magazine.

Destination France
Quaterly glossy magazine with much information about the French food & recipes and about history. Well documented and featuring great photos. Subscription: £25 to £32 a year depending on offers. Published by Waterways World Ltd.
Our opinion: great magazine but only quarterly.

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