France Holidays: Bring your Pet with You!

Going on holidays in France is always very exciting, but the prospect of leaving behind your four-legged friend makes you feel sad... Therefore, why not taking your pet with you? Here is our guide about pet-friendly holidays in France.

Rules for Travelling to France with Pets

In the past, going on holiday abroad with a pet has been inconvenient and not easy to arrange, but the increase in pet friendly travel options, accommodation and a change in European regulations for travelling with animals abroad have made holidays with pets a more feasible and easier option, but it still requires a bit planning.

Here are the things you absolutely need to know before going on holidays with your pet (dog, cat or ferret. For other pets, please contact the Ministry of Agriculture in France, as the conditions may vary):

Getting an EU Pet Passport
The first step is to get an European passeport, which may only be issued by a licenced vet. Before issuing it, he will check that the animal:
  1. - is identified by a micro chip or tattoo (caution: after the 3 July 2011, the tattoo will not be acceptable any more and the micro chip will be the only valid way to identify the pet)
  2. - has valid vaccines against rabies
  3. - has had a blood test to confirm the vaccine is in the blood system
In France
You are allowed to bring up to five pets into France and must carry a valid EU Pet Passport for each.
If it was the first rabies vaccination for the animal, the vaccine has to be made at least 21 days before arriving to France. With booster injections,there is no minimal delay, providing there is proof that the booster was administered before the last vaccine had expired.
Animals under three months are only allowed to enter the French territory under certain conditions.

Be cautious and check the regulation of your home country, as it could be stricter, which could pose problems for the return.

Transport Companies Accepting Pets

By Train
You can either take the Eurostar (for dogs only) or use the Eurotunnel.
By Sea
You can use Brittany Ferries, Condor ferries or SeaFrance to go to France. Norfolkline, P&O Ferries and Transmanch Ferries are other companies which organize travel from the United Kingdom to France.
By Air
Many airlines now offer a service for pets. It is the case for BMI, TUI and Britannia Airways amongst others.

New Pet-friendly Concept in France!

A brand new concept called "toutou-risme" appeared recently in France (in French, "toutou" is a familiar word which means "dog").

This concept has been developed by the tourism office from Troyes. Concretely, this tourism office welcomes you with your dog or cat and offers the following:

  • Your pet will get a personal gift and will be able to quench thirst at the "toutou-bar".
  • You will receive a pack including a city map with addresses of hotels, restaurants, museums... welcoming pets, a nutrition guide, a discount coupon for kibbles, a dog waste bag and a pet magazine.
This amazing concept will be gradually spread to other tourism offices in France, to create a unique and pleasant network. The cities of Pau, Sète, Chambéry, Metz, Cavaillon, Bourges and Epernay will probably offer this service in the course of the year. Vannes, Nancy, Albi, Biarritz and Nevers are also interested in this concept.

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