Glossary of the French Regional Food

The French Regional Food boasts many different dishes and cuisines, each region of France having its own country food, convivial specialities and/ or delicate confectioneries. Browsing the following glossary will help you to find information easily about all the gems of the French gastronomy, as well as discover new recipes that may whet your appetite! is pleased to bring the French regional culinary universe to you - which you can also discover thanks to our regional guide, Food in France by Region. This includes typical French gourmet products and mouth-watering dishes renowned worldwide.

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Aligot Cheese Dish (Aveyron) Andouille de Guéméné Sausage (Brittany) Andouille de Vire Sausage (Lower Normandy) Andouillette Sausage from Troyes (Champagne Ardenne) Andouillette au Vouvray Sausage (Centre Region) Apple Strudel Dessert (Alsace) Typical Apples from Limousin (Limousin)


Baeckeoffe Meat Stew (Alsace) Bayonne Ham (Aquitaine) Betises de Cambrai Sweets (Nord Pas de Calais) Biscuits Roses de Reims (Champagne Ardenne) Tarte aux Myrtilles - Blueberry Pie (Auvergne) Boudin Blanc Sausage from Rethel (Champagne Ardenne) Beurre Blanc Sauce (Pays de la Loire) Blue Cheese and Saint Nectaire Cheese (Auvergne)
Boeuf Bourguignon Beef Stew (Burgundy) Bouillabaisse Fish Stew (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) Monkfish Bourride from Sète (Languedoc Roussillon) Brandade de Morue Fish Dish from Nimes (Languedoc Roussillon) Bread and the French Baguette (Paris Ile de France) Brie de Meaux Cheese (Champagne Ardenne) Butter from Echiré (Poitou Charentes)


Canele Cake from Bordeaux (Aquitaine) Camembert Cheese (Lower Normandy) Cancoillotte Cheese (Franche Comte) Caramels with salted butter (Lower Normandy) Cassoulet Bean Stew (Languedoc Roussillon) Chabichou Cheese (Poitou Charentes) Chantilly Whipped Cream (Picardy) Cheese from Corsica (Corsica)
Famous Cheeses from Franche Comte (Franche Comte) Chestnuts (Limousin) Clafoutis - Cherry Batter Pudding (Limousin) Comté Cheese (Franche Comte) Crème Catalane Dessert (Languedoc Roussillon) Crepes Pancakes (Brittany) Croque Monsieur – Croque Madame Sandwiches (Paris Ile de France) Crottin de Chavignol Goat Cheese (Centre Region)
Croustade aux Pommes Dessert (Midi Pyrenees)


Duck Confit (Aquitaine) Duck Pâté from Amiens (Picardy)


Emmental Cheese (Franche Comte) Escargot de Bourgogne - Snails (Burgundy)


Far Breton Pudding (Brittany) Farci Poitevin (Poitou Charentes) Fish from Corsica (Corsica) Fish Soup (Brittany) Flamiche - Leek Pie (Picardy) Flammekueche Pizza (Alsace) Foie Gras (Aquitaine) Fondue Savoyarde - Cheese Dish (Rhone Alpes)
Frogs Legs - Cuisses de Grenouilles (Paris Ile de France) Typical Fruit from Corsica (Corsica)


Galettes Pancakes (Brittany) Gâteau Battu Cake (Picardy) Goat Cheese from Poitou Charentes (Poitou Charentes)
Garbure (Midi Pyrenees)


Hareng Saur - Smoked Herring (Upper Normandy) Honey from Corsica (Corsica) Honey from Franche Comte (Franche Comte)


Joute Vegetable Stew (Champagne Ardenne)


Kougelhopf Pudding (Alsace) Kouign Amann Butter Cake (Brittany)


Lentils from Le Puy (Auvergne) Livarot Cheese (Lower Normandy)


Macarons de Nancy - Almond Macaroons (Lorraine) Madeleine (Lorraine) Magret de Canard and Gesier - Duck Breast and Gizzards (Midi Pyrenees) Marmite Dieppoise Fish Stew (Upper Normandy) Maroilles Cheese (Nord Pas de Calais) Meat and Charcuterie (Corsica) Beef, Lamb and Pork Meat (Limousin) Mirabelles Plums (Lorraine)
Morbier Cheese (Franche Comte) Mouclade - Mussel Dish (Poitou Charentes) Moules Marinieres (Brittany) Munster Cheese (Alsace) Mustard from Dijon (Burgundy) Violet Mustard from Brive (Limousin)


Neufchâtel Cheese (Upper Normandy) Nicoise Salad (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) Nougat Candy from Montelimar (Rhone Alpes)


Omelette (Upper Normandy)


Petit Beurre Biscuit (Pays de la Loire) Piperade Basque (Midi Pyrenees) Pistou Sauce (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) Pont l’Eveque Cheese (Lower Normandy) Port Salut Cheese (Pays de la Loire) Potée Auvergnate Casserole (Auvergne) Potjevleesch Meat Mix (Nord Pas de Calais) Poultry from Bresse - Coq au Vin (Burgundy)


Quenelle de Brochet from Lyon (Rhone Alpes) Quiche Lorraine Pie (Lorraine)


Raclette Cheese Dish (Rhone Alpes) Ratatouille Vegetable Blend (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) Rillettes de Porc from Le Mans (Pays de la Loire) Rillettes from Tours (Centre Region) Roquefort and Rocamadour Cheeses (Midi Pyrenees) Rouille Sauce (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur)


Saint Nectaire Cheese (Auvergne) Sainte Maure de Touraine Goat Cheese (Centre Region) Sauerkraut Meal (Alsace) Saucisse de Morteau and Montbéliard Sausages (Franche Comte) Saucisson Dry Sausage (Paris Ile de France) Seafood Platters (Brittany) Seafood from Poitou Charentes (Poitou Charentes) Sel de Guerande - Fleurs de Sel Salt Flowers (Pays de la Loire)


Tapenade Sauce (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) Tarte Tatin (Centre Region) Tartiflette Potato Gratin (Rhone Alpes) Tourteau Fromage Cake (Poitou Charentes) Tripes a la Mode de Caen (Lower Normandy) Lamb Tripes from Marseille (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) Tropezienne Tart (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) Truffles from Perigord (Aquitaine)


Waterzooï Dish (Nord Pas de Calais)