Alsace Villas

Choosing a Villa in Alsace foremost means choosing nature and quiet environments. Alsace has plenty of forests, woods and lakes to discover.

Villas are not the most common type of house in the Alsace region, but that is certainly something you can find. Alsace is more famous for its Renaissance or vineyard houses, with their strong Germanic influence, but you can find some Villas that have kept that influence, with the size and high-quality standard of a normal villa. Alsace is a very active region, which will allow you to settle in quickly thanks to its numerous and diversified activities.

With cities such as Strasbourg, Mulhouse or Colmar, needless to say that you can find any kind of Villa in their surroundings.

A Villa can also serve as an excellent base to explore the inland that is woody, hilly and green. Villas are generally large houses and recent trends have seen villas become ever more environment friendly houses.

Since the climate is mild in Summer and with pleasant springs and autumns, you can really enjoy great holidays there.

Alsace villas generally boast a regional, traditional style. They are also generally tastefully decorated. Since the regions has many tourism attractions and historic cities, buying a villa in Alsace will clearly be worth the investment.

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