Brittany Traditional Houses and Homes

Buying a traditional Breton property in france often means adopting a part of the lifestyle that goes with it, like a sort of bundle. Indeed these houses reveal a simple, down-to-earth art de vivre, fashioned by a sometimes rude climate and the warm character of the people living in Brittany.

Buy and live in a chaumière in Brittany Chaumieres are nowadays often used to serve as hotels or guest houses. They are actively sought-after properties. True Brittany chaumières properties are rare today since the original materials are gradually being replaced by modern ones (thatch being replaced by slates, ryes or tiles). Search online for a bargain Chaumiere cottage for sale in Brittany.

Common characteristics of Brittany Traditional houses
  • These properties are very different even if all are authentic, traditional French properties. Firstly, their walls are made up of Granite. Secondly, their roofs are made up of slates. Only few homes still boast thatched roofs, because of new French laws being implemented to prevent fires.
  • Other common aspects are their orientation towards the South, with a protection against the wind often laid out towards the west, to protect the house from the Atlantic powerful winds.
  • Some even have blinds inside the house. This allows not to have to open the windows when storms occur. Double windows also exist that provide a better insulation to these houses. Windows are often of small dimensions in these typical houses.
  • Inside a typical Breton house, the woodworks are often painted. This give more warmth to the interior. Blinds also are painted or coloured. The pieces of furniture are often tall.
  • The gardens are unrestrained and often gorgeous. A well, that was often the place where people met, and a traditional oven, are often located near the house or in the village and give even more character to the property.
A small chaumière is often called "penty" (small cottage) in the local Breton language. Search online for a bargain Longere cottage for sale in Brittany.
  • Granite was used to build walls. Sometimes too heavy to be carried somewhere else, houses were built directly where the stones were found. This is why this area’s called "pays des pierres debout" (land of stones standing up)!

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