Brittany Chateaux and Castles

There is no place in Brittany more than 100 miles away from the sea hence the strong attachment of its people to the Ocean. Nevertheless, when it comes to visiting the country, you will find two very contrasting areas.

The interior is usually known as the Argoat with its sparsely populated villages and low rolling wooded hills inhabited by wild boars and other local fauna. The coastline (Armor) is the busy side of Brittany where you will find the main towns and cities.

When visiting Brittany do not forget to visit its wonderful sites, fortified cities and castles:

Things to see
BrestThe castle and the famous "Tour Tanguy"
LocronanA very well preserved medieval village
QuimperFantastic cathedral-city
ConcarneauA small walled town, very pretty!
VannesIts magnificent castle
Saint MaloAn amazing walled town, it is hard to believe that the place was badly damaged during the second world war.
RennesCapital city of Brittany
NantesFormer capital city of Brittany

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