Brittany Gites, Apartments and Cottages

Brittany is one of the most popular tourist regiosn of France. Much accommodation can be found in the countryside as well as cities and on the coast. Here are the different types of accommodation you could find:
  • Gites de France

    Typical Breton cottages are the type of gite that most people dream of when planing a holiday in France. In Brittany, gites can be found in outstanding inland and coastal areas.

  • Rent or buy an apartment

    Apartments in Bretagne can be really cheap depending upon their location but are predominantly found in the towns and cities. There is approximately 20% of apartments in comparison to houses in Brittany. However you can still find very comfortable accommodation either to rent or to buy.

  • Cottages in Brittany

    Many Breton cottages can be found, either to rent or buy, just minutes from the sea and even just metres from the beach. This type of property is always easier to rent as they are popular gite properties. Cottages are very typical in Brittany, they are what everyone pictures when we talk about this iconic region.

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