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Brittany Real Estate

Brittany has long been known as a perfect place for a holiday, not only by the French population, but also by the foreign holidaymakers. This is why the price of real estate in Brittany is growing constantly.

In 2007, notaires have noticed a general increase of prices for most towns in Brittany. This increase is the same increase as the one touching the rest of France real estate.

Nevertheless brittany has known an amazing leap forward last year as the towns with a mature real estate market have known an increase of nearly 7%, and the smaller towns, less known by the general public, have known an increase of up to 50%. These indicators show us just how appreciated Brittany real estate is. Indeed, the 50% increase shows that the customer is now looking for property further away from the main tourist centers.

Thanks to these indicators, we can now say that the Brittany real estate market is growing quickly. So, if you are planning on buying in this region, do not waste any more time

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