Champagne Ardenne Villas

Choosing a villa in Champagne Ardenne foremost means choosing nature and peace and quiet. The region has plenty of forests, woods, rivers and lakes to discover.

Champagne Ardenne is also a must for the quality of its cultural and architectural heritage. It is amazing to think you can live in such an environment while being less than an hour from Paris (have a look at train connections to Paris for more details).

A Villa can also serve as an excellent base to explore the nearby countries of Belgium and Luxemburg.

Champagne-Ardenne's climate varies a lot depending on the location. Winters tend to be cold and crisp; summers are warm and relatively dry, so you can really enjoy great holidays there. Villas are generally large houses and recent trends have seen recently built villas become ever more green and energy efficient.

Villa properties in the region are not very common and when found will often boast a traditional style typical of the region. Since the region has many tourism attractions and historic cities like Reims, Troyes and Chalons en Champagne, buying a villa in Champagne Ardenne is clearly worth the investment.

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