Franche Comte Property Market

Most houses in Franche Comte are large , with over 50% of houses comprising 4 rooms or more. Like in many of the more rural regions apartments make up a small proportion of the housing stock except in the big cities, such as Besancon, Belfort, Montbéliard.

  • Franche Comte is located in eastern France along the beautiful Vosges and Jura Mountains and not far from the Alps. The region occupies a good strategic position next to Switzerland, surrounded by relatively prosperous regions such as the Rhone Alpes, Burgundy, Champagne Ardenne, Alsace & lorraine

  • The Franche Comte property market is lesser-known by British and other English speaking buyers, though this area's attractive traditional; properties, beautiful countryside and excellent gastronomy make it popular with French second home owners and European buyers from the north.

Property Market Facts in Franche Comte
First home ownership
In Franche Comte there are about 452 444 principal homes.

Second home ownership
In Franche Comte there are about 39 004 second homes.

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