Traditional Cévennes Houses

The Languedoc Roussillon region is positioned between the Massif Central mountains and the Lower Languedoc plains and is itself a fairly mountainous region itself. The traditional Cevennes houses are made of Limestone, Schist or Granite.

The main living room of a house built according to the Cevennes architectural style is often protected from extreme temperatures by a windowless wall.

Windows are of small dimensions and placed on the side of the house facing the dominant sun direction.

The traditional Cevennes property types demands that the whole house is made of stone and that in almost every room, the arches that comprise the backbone of the house itself are exposed.

The Cevennes is a particularly wild area of Languedoc Roussillon, where the traditional houses were built to escape the sun more than to benefit from its warmth.

In this area of France traditional houses can have five or sometimes six floors. A cellar/ wine warehouse often occupies the basement.

Roof structures in the Cevennes are often made of wood and particularly of chestnut tree.

These traditional French properties have many chimneys, not because of extreme temperatures but because the traditional architecture in this area of France demanded that each room had its own "private" chimney.

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