Languedoc Farmhouses

These traditional houses are originally based on the model of the French farmhouse. The main farming activity in the Languedoc region is cattle breeding.

Due to this cost-effective and simple process, the Languedoc Roussillon farmhouse is built with local materials. These properties often boast gorgeous views over the Pyrenees, the Massif Central mountains or the Mediterranean

The farmhouse can be built in an L or U shape. Foundations are made up of stone, the upper section of the walls (Granite) and the beams being made of wood (often fir).

The attic was generally used as a drying area but is ideal if you plan to convert it into a large room / bedroom.

The roof is gently sloping but in some areas this can vary, depending on the requirements of the original owner. The roof structure is made of wood, it is upheld by the front façade walls. These houses occasionally have a pigeonnierattached or detached.

The Languedoc Roussillon region is an ideal destination as it is located close to the medditerranean and is easy to access. Its southern part is located next to Spain and the Pyrenees.

A farmhouse in Languedoc or the south of France in particular is ideal to visit the area and discover the traditional way people live in the region.

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