Limousin Cottages

Limousin cottages often are small properties also known as “cros de meijou”, meaning “poor houses” in an ancient Limousin dialect.

The most frequently seen type of houses in Limousin is the house with two storeys. The bourgeoisie generally lived in these houses and they came with a courtyard and outbuildings.

In Haute-vienne, the most widespread type of house is the Farmhouse. They often come with barns, stables and cowsheds. Another really popular house type in Limousin is the barn-cowshed.


In the west of the Correze department, Auvergne-style barns are inhabited. These properties are organized on two levels. This type of building has an oval shape, it does originates from mountainous regions.

Urban properties have more storeys and are more refined than the classic rural properties. The town of Uzerche for instance has many slated roof noble properties.

Many Limousin buildings are unique and display social and economic characteristics.

Corrèze property Creuse property
Haute Vienne property