Gers Chartreuses

Chartreuse Houses are really typical properties from the Gascony French area. Chartreuses are large stone houses with a gently sloping tiled roof.

These Gascony houses are often mistaken with Chateaux (castles). The Gers Chartreuse property generally comes with a large piece of land planted with many trees. In many ways, it is a luxury house. The large communal areas boast exposed wood beams and are very luminous. In the dining room, a large stone and wood chimney can be found. This room can welcome dozens of people since it is of large dimensions.
The floors in Chartreuse houses are made of wood or paved. Pieces of wood are used everywhere and thus Gers Chartreuse houses often have mezzanines. Chartreuse properties are normally single-storey lengthwise houses, recalling the famous Longere houses that can be seen in Brittany, Aquitaine and Normandy but also in Midi Pyrenees. Chartreuse properties generally have a pigeonnier outbuilding. As often, the attic can be used to store goods or can be converted into a bedroom for instance.
These Gascony properties are generally really quiet places. Gers properties are often former farms and many people buying that type of Midi-Pyrenees houses have a modest private garden next to the house. Chartreuses properties often have a name, as Villas do. The word Chartreuse also generally refers to a countryside house in Midi-Pyrenees, with a view over the mountains.

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