Gers Maisons de Maitre

Many Maisons de Maitre can be found in Gers, especially in the wide river valleys running north to south of the Gascony area. Maisons de Maitres are rare and exceptional French properties, architecturally and historically speaking.

They are the most modern descendants of the first colonial master’s houses and appeared in France during the second half of the 18th century to provide the prosperous bourgeois upper middle class with suitable houses. Maison de Maitre houses were the sign of wealth and power in France at that time and were often built in strategic areas in the village or countryside. These big Gascony houses often come with vast domains of fields, woods or plots of water, and are generally composed of many rooms (several bed-rooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, 1 or 2 kitchens, a big dining room, a reception room, and possibly a library, study...).
Masters' houses are generally separated from roads and main passageways by a courtyard surrounded by other smaller buildings called dépendances in French, giving to the main house an extra sense of grandeur. Some others have a large piece of land attached to the house. Nowadays Maisons de Maitre are very looked for as they can be a very good investment either for renovation or for B&B and hostel possibilities.