Midi-Pyrenees Gites, Apartments and Cottages

Midi Pyrenees is still a really "wild" region of France. Located between the valleys of the Pyrenees and the hills of Dordogne, it is one of the largest region of France, that shows how diversified that region can be in terms of geography, and therefore of landscapes. Many accomodations can be found in the countryside as well as in cities, to get an actual taste of Midi Pyrenees's identity.

Here are the different types of accomodations you could find:

  • The Gites de France

    Gites de France label is the most famous and serious label for Gites in France and thus in Midi Pyrenees. It has full support of the French Ministry for Tourism for its quality. 42,000 gites are represented. Though really authentic, they often boast modern conveniences like wireless internet and TV for instance. With its natural charms and amazing views everywhere in the Region, Midi-pyrenees is definitely a wise choice if you plan on finding a gite. People are friendly here, and you will have no problem at all settling in and making the contact. You will have time to relax while visiting the countryside, or decide to have a walk in the Pyrenees mountains which will for sure be an amazing experience. Gites are quite common in that region so you should have no problem finding one that suits your interests.

  • Cottages in Midi Pyrenees

    Many cottages can be found, either to rent or buy. This type of property is always easier to buy than to rent since there are plenty of properties for sale. You will be able to find very typical cottages in the Midi-Pyrenees region, generaly one storey old stone houses. They can have several typical type of roofs. Only in Gers and surroundings for example, there are three traditional categories of roof tiles used. The tuile picon, a flat clay tile, also used in the Bearn area of France. In Gers roofs are less sloping and a bevelled clay tile can be used. Near the mountains, slated roofs are more common.

  • Rent or buy an apartment

    Apartments in Midi Purenees can be really cheap depending upon their location, and many bargains can be found, either renting or buying. Bargains are foremost located in the countryside around big cities. The Midi-Pyrenees region has some famous cities like Toulouse, which is the fourth largest city of France. Needless to say you will find all sorts of apartments here, and regardless of your criteria, you will definitely find what you are looking for. As it has been said before, the quality of life in that region is something one should not ignore as it will play a major role of your daily life. Who doesn't want to wake up everyday and see a nice and sunny weather?

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