Picardy Chateaux and Castles

Picardy, one of the oldest provinces of France, accounts for number of splendid castles including: "Pierrefonds", built in 14th century and used today as cinema decor,"Compiegne", royal residence and national museum today, "Vic sur Aisne" dating back to the 18th century and classified as historical monument, "Péronne", a feodal fortress or "Troissereux" from the Renaissance period.

  • Pierrefonds:located 55 miles north of Paris, in Picardy; it emerges at the edge of the forest of Compiègne, one of the most beautiful forests in France. Powerful and imposing in appearance, over scaled yet elegant, it stands as a surprising blend of flamboyant Gothic and Romantic Renaissance styles. The castle of Pierrefonds is quite simply a real delight.
  • Vic sur Aisne:this castle from the XVIII century is located in a park of 5 ha, in the centre of the village of Vic-sur-Aisne. This chateau is classed as historic monument, as well as the dungeon you see at your arrival. The castle overlooks a large terrace and a French garden.
  • Troissereux: this is a charming site with a gracious Renaissance style chateau made out of brick and stone, surrounded by a moat; with a Weather Tower including a medieval clock. The surrounding park has a big canal, age-old trees and a natural bird reserve.

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