Picardy Villas

Choosing a villa in Picardy often means choosing the Atlantic coast. Picardy shoreline has plenty of deserted cliffs and beaches to discover.

Villas in Picardy have an average area of 116sq m and tend to come with a vast plot of land. They are recently built and offer a modern comfort, as well as a cellar and a garage. Usually white, their architecture is pretty original as most of them are custom-designed.

With an average buying price of €234,796 (or €2,092 /sq m), villas in the region are very affordable. They are however scarce and it can prove quite difficult to find your ideal villa, but why not decide on building your own villa by buying a plot of land in Picardy? It also represents good opportunities in terms of buy-to-let investment as they are very sough-after.

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