Camargue Gardian huts

Gardian huts is the name given to south of Arles very particular houses. In this Camargue area of France, wildlife thrives. Camargue is indeed Europe’s largest river delta and welcomes more than 400 species of birds.

The gardian house is the house of the Camargue famous black bull breeder. Gardian houses are small, authentic houses. The north face is round to better resist the Mistral wind. The south face is vertical. The Camargue gardian hut roof is made of rye fixed on the roof structure. The white top of the house is a material obtained while melting whitewash and cement, it is used to fix the roof. The house always has a small chimney and at the other end of the roof, a Christian cross or other relegious sign. The internal walls of the house are made of wood. The Camargue gardian hut is the perfect Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur holiday property since it only has one room (except for renovated properties), and is besides simple and cheap. These huts were originally occupied by farmers, today they are perfect typical and cheap holiday houses. An excellent base to live traditionally and visit this French region for a low cost. However, gardian huts are pretty rare, so why not have a look now at our other properties?

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