Rhone Alps farmhouses

These French houses are originally based on the model of the farmhouse, strictly speaking 'the house of the farmer'.

Due to this process being so cost-effective and simple, the Rhone Alps farmhouse is built with local materials. Foundations are made up of stone, the upper section of the walls and the beams being made of wood. The attic was generally used as a drying place, but many owners convert them into large rooms / bedrooms. The Rhone department has its own style of houses, often being called maisons paysannes (farmers' houses). The environment around these houses is made of many trees, and many ponds can be found, that were created since earth was taken to create Pisé (rammed earth) walls. Farming and breeding animals was the main activity of the original inhabitants and the architecture was thus adapted to their needs. These Rhone properties are often organized around a square front farmyard. They are of rectangular shape. The farmyard is originally closed, a wide wooden gate allowing access for large vehicles. Nowadays most courtyards have vanished and a garden replaces them. The living area is often located on the first floor of these French traditional houses, that can be accessed via outside stone stairs. The front façade of the farmhouse is made of stone and Pisé(rammed earth). Windows are of medium dimensions with small window-panes. The roof is gently sloping and has terra cotta tiles. The roof structure is made of wood, it is upheld by the front façade walls. As in other French regions, the kitchen is the largest room in this traditional property. Originally it was also the only place to be heated. A well in the garden provides the Rhone Farmhouse with fresh water. Along with the house, a large piece of land is often attached, as well as a number of outbuildings.

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