Rhone Alpes Real Estate

Rhone Alps is ideally situated between the Alps mountains and the beautiful Provence Alps Cote d'Azur region. Its location and climate are attractive. This area is furthermore particularly thriving in terms of economy.

Property prices in Rhone Alpes and its 8 departments in 2009
Location Apartments € / sq m New built apartments € / sq m Houses €
Ain 2,130 3,260 226,500
Ardeche 1,540 3,180 172,000
Drome 1,520 2,510 205,400
Haute Savoie 2,970 3,670 362,900
Isere 2,320 3,040 231,400
Loire 1,350 2,590 164,700
Rhone 2,500 3,260 284,400
Savoie 3,120 3,710 240,900
Rhone Alpes 2,440 3,330 246,200

If intending to buy in this region, bear in mind that the real estate prices here are generally amongst the highest in France due to the obvious beauty of the region and its interest and location.

Ain property Ardèche property
Drôme property Isère property
Loire property Rhône property
Savoie property Haute-Savoie property

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