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French Property Reviews & Advertiser Testimonials

Please find below a selection of reviews and testimonials from our advertisers.

E Price:

Advertiser on from 10/04/2022 to 10/08/2022

Excellent service, property now sold subject to contract thanks to your sites.

H Smith:

Advertiser on from 09/07/2022 to 04/08/2022

Thank you very much. Your advertising service has been great - we are thrilled with the number of serious enquiries we have received - thanks to you and your team.

I wanted to let you know that this afternoon we received an offer for the asking price from a lady in Canada who hasn’t yet visited the property but seems to have truly fallen in love with the house and has the finance in place.

Kind regards - and many thanks again.

K Simmons:

Advertiser on from 07/09/2021 to 06/08/2022

I have sold the house.

I had an estate agent for about 6 years.

I contacted your company and have been inundated with enquiries and have sold the property.

I only received 2 enquiries from the estate agents and over 100 from you.

If I sold the property through the estate agent I would have to pay about 8 thousand Euros but through your company the costs were about 250.

Thank you.

M Wilson:

Advertiser on from 04/07/2022 to 11/07/2022 (1 week only)

I think your service is excellent and the follow-up email about maximising advertisement impact was astonishingly detailed and very helpful.

I'm not advertising elsewhere.

P Green:

Advertiser on from 15/09/2021 to 19/04/2022

I am extremely pleased with the service I received from French-Property,com. I used them having looked at a number of sites from a buyer's viewpoint and was impressed with the whole setup. As a seller I found placing an advert really easy - seeing as I uploaded over 50 photos it needed to be. Even allowing for Covid in 6 months the advert had 40 enquiries, 133 Saves and 15788 views. We sold to the fourth couple who came to view - I had to cancel 6 more viewings that had been booked. Overall very good value for money.

Many thanks for all your help

S Balfour:

Advertiser on from 09/11/2019 to 02/03/2022

We have sold our House! All is completed, and we no longer own it. It was sold through this website, and the whole thing has taken nearly 6 months. Covid hasn't helped! But it is done. Many thanks.

J-F Duchemin:

Advertiser on from 18/09/2021 to 04/12/2021

Property sold via

Susan Grace:

Advertiser on from 12/03/2020 to 23/11/2021

We had an incredible number of replies. Couple of Hundred I reckon. Obviously some were wasters that's inevitable. You only need one serious one!!

Angus Bell:

Advertiser on from 12/08/2020 to 06/10/2021

I have been most happy with your services and I am sure we would have sold our house in France much quicker if it hadn't been for the pandemic.

We attracted a lot of genuine keen buyers mostly from the USA and UK or ex-pat english in France.

In the end we sold for the asking price to a lovely couple despite the Notaire thinking we would have to lower the price to sell (from her valuation!).

So much thanks!

Paul B:

Advertiser on from 29/10/2019 to 01/10/2021

This particular buyer came via another website, but there are two others who (after two and a half years on the market) say they want to buy it if it falls through and theyíre both via you.

Weíve had lots leads from you and quite a few viewings so weíre definitely not complaining about value for money!

Many thanks,

Jane Jones:

Advertiser on from 22/04/2020 to 24/09/2021

I have been delighted with my advert and the leads that came from it. It was, by far, the best advert for direct enquiries. The advert looked professional and the help I received while setting it up was excellent.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a private sale in the end but an agent. I really thought we'd secured a sale via our advert but sadly he lost out to a firm offer.

Thanks again for your help

Karen Wilson:

Advertiser on from 14/08/2021 to 10/09/2021

You were great, property sold quickly. Thank you. Karen

Thank you. Karen

Linda Shoppee:

Advertiser on from 21/03/2021 to 10/09/2021

I had one of my 3 French properties advertised on Leboncoin, Greenacres, PAP France and a few other linked websites as well as French Property.

I received two offers from the website both on the same day.

I had also received a request for information from Australia and another from China with great interest but restrictions on travel meant they could not visit.

It was for me the best place to advertise my property. I have two more to sell now and will definitely be using French Property for those.

Christopher Flew:

Advertiser on from 25/01/2017 to 08/09/2021

An excellent website, which generated many enquiries, albeit stymied by Covid.

Easy to use, and allows plenty of photographs and descriptions. And direct contact with Sellers is a definitive advantage given French Agent's Commissions.

Fifi Butterfield:

Advertiser on from 01/09/2020 to 16/08/2021

Excellent site and would highly recommend even though purchaser didn't come via French-property in the end.

Richard M:

Advertiser on from 03/05/2021 to 25/07/2021

Your website generated a lot of interest!

Tony Dearsley:

Advertiser on from 21/08/2020 to 15/07/2021

The team at French Property went out of their way to help me sell my huge French Property which was achieved despite the twin challenges of Brexit and Covid and at a price that I was looking for.

I had dozens of very interested enquiries and in the end had 3 couples making offers to buy.

The French Property advertising is very reasonable and easy to do AND you can cut the expensively unhelpful French estate agents out of the whole sale process.

Dealing direct with prospective purchasers is so much more civilised and none of the stress and conflict that estate agents seem to need to create!

Paul Close:

Advertiser on from 07/02/2020 to 19/06/2021

Excellent site, thank you.

Kevin Lapworth:

Advertiser on from 10/07/2020 to 17/06/2021

Advertising our property with was very easy to set up and manage.

It produced many enquiries and led to a sale.

I would highly recommend them.

Pierre Henry:

Advertiser on from 14/11/2018 to 07/05/2021

I would like to thank you for advertising my property on your site.

It is quite a simple, no fuss and advert free.

I was rather amazed at the range of people using your site searching for a property in France (from USA, Ireland, Europe and within France).

You have quite an efficient team and they deliver - Thank you very much.

Penelope Taylor:

Advertiser on from 05/06/2020 to 20/04/2021

Thank you for advertising for me.

We are living in strange times and I have had numerous enquiries from places in the world I would not have expected any interest.

Louise Dodd:

Advertiser on from 02/09/2020 to 24/03/2021

We have been extremely impressed with our advertising campaign on, receiving genuine quality enquiries, unlike those from other advertising portals!

The ability to reply to emails easily and follow up enquiries with more specific requests resulted in quality viewings and a subsequent offer on our property.

I am happy to recommend for advertising to other Private Sellers.

Suzie Balfour:

Advertiser on from 09/11/2019 to 16/03/2021

The potential buyer contacted us after seeing the advert on

We are very happy with how the advert went. The interest was slow, but we were not in a hurry anyway. Also things have picked up recently. If this buyer doesn't work out for some reason then I am confident we will still be able to sell fairly easily.

I found the advert pretty easy to set up, and when I viewed it to see what it was like, I felt it set the right tone and had the right amount of information to attract initial contact of the right sort of buyer for that house. But it was straightforward to read.

D Pillard:

Advertiser on from 22/09/2020 to 15/02/2021

J'ai finalement vendu ma maison via une agence locale mais votre site m'a adressé beaucoup de contacts d'intéressés, aussi bien en France qu'en Grande-Bretagne, ce qui m'a positivement étonné!

Gina & Matthew Burnham:

Advertiser on from 13/11/2019 to 14/02/2021

We have been very, very happy with your site. You all have been so helpful, from Rob composing the advert for us, to the powers that be giving us dispensation after the timewasters that we had had.

I think that we would have had more inquiries than we had if it had not been for the pandemic, and people not being able to travel. We do have a couple of people who are waiting to hear if our sale does or does not go through, and if not then maybe booking viewings. One is a gentleman who is currently living in the north of France.

Nic Jones:

Advertiser on from 13/08/2020 to 17/01/2021

Great site with excellent results.

Mitze van Rixtel:

Advertiser on from 09/08/2018 to 8/12/2020

Thanks to your excellent website we have now sold our house. All the estate agents in the region were unable to find a buyer but you managed to harness the power of the internet and beat the opposition. Well done to you all.

I will recommend your website to anyone wanting to sell their property in France.

Ben Bramich:

Advertiser on from 30/08/2020 to 30/11/2020

The property was sold, thanks to !!

We had a lot of interest since posting it - much more than than was generated by the local agents, so I can say that the site works really well - thankyou.

Katerine Peugnet:

Advertiser on from 30/08/2019 to 18/11/2020

La vente s'est faite par agence sinon j'ai eu beaucoup de contacts via votre site, très divers, certaines personnes expliquent leur demande, d'autres cochent des cases ...

Carl Smith:

Advertiser on from 05/04/2019 to 06/11/2020

We are taking our property offline because we have (hopefully) sold it, just waiting for signatures.

We have been very pleased with the service from as well as the high number of enquiries received.

Many thanks

Helen & Mike Higgins:

Advertiser on from 11/03/2020 to 27/10/2020

Thank You so very much for your excellent service, we have had over 70 enquiries and many requests for viewings. Considering we are in 2020, and the dreadful situation with Covid, I think that is remarkable. For most of the year, we have been unable to accept viewings due to Covid, but still had a fantastic response.

As a consequence, I am delighted to say that we have now sold our property and hope to sign the compomis de vente this week.

I will recommend your site to all my friends and would encourage any who is selling a property to do the same, as the french estate agent's fees are so costly.

Thank You once again.

Elizabeth B:

Advertiser on from 10/03/2020 to 04/09/2020

We had an amazing international response of people seriouly interested in both higher and lower priced properties- we put both on the market just with you on the basis that we needed to consolidate by selling something.

Response from USA Germany France South Africa and the UK.

Anna Davey :

Advertiser on from 10/08/2019

Itís been a very productive advert and the customer service is amazing!

We have several ads running and yours has been the best by far.

Lots of interest and viewings despite difficult times for everyone, I am pretty sure that we are close to having a sale soon - thank you.

Sandra Robinson :

Advertiser on from 02/09/2019 to 26/08/2020

I would like to thank you and your team at French Property very much for your very helpful and professional service you have given us.

We have been very impressed. We have recommended your company to quite a few people now, and they in turn have got back to me agreeing with my enthusiasm of service and results they have had from advertising with you.

If we ever want to sell again, you will be the first company we will contact.

Thanks again

Mrs Teillard:

Advertiser on from 10/11/2019 to 12/05/2020

Nous vous remercions de votre suivi.

Nous avons eu de nombreuses demandes de visites.

Bien cordialement.

Gary Grant:

Advertiser on from 17/01/2020 to 06/05/2020

We are happy to inform you that after putting our house back on the market this January with you, we had a tremendous response, as a result of which, we signed the compromis de vente within a month, and we are due to complete next week.

We had several other serious potential buyers, who still viewed in the knowledge that the house may be in the process of being sold - wishing to be informed if things fell through.

As an anecdote, I have to say that the dynamics of 'possible buyer' interest have changed. Notwithstanding the political mess in the UK over the past 4 years and the forthcoming economic one, now people who are considering moving to France are serious - and in the knowledge that they may have to do it by the end of the year before it may be too late.

Our experience of the actual selling process has demonstrated that there really is no need to involve an agency, for there is remarkably little to do which would justify their approximately 20,000€ charges as in the case of our house.

I would like to thank your office for your assistance over the past few years.

Mrs Pages:

Advertiser on from 16/01/2020 to 02/02/2020

I have sold the house, so please could you stop the advertising. Thanks you very much.

Janet Stevenson:

Advertiser on from 05/01/2019 to 11/02/2020

We have recently sold our house in Normandy with, and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Not only does it make your home more attractive to the buyer (as there are no agent's fees), they have a wide reach, plus the fact that most people use the internet these days to find property.

They were also really good in helping us upload photos and when we had queries.

John Booth:

Advertiser on from 11/12/2018 to 10/01/2020

Your ad site is very good and we received enquiries. We sold the property via an Estate Agent.

Robin and Gill Morgan:

Advertiser on from 06/06/2019 to 22/11/2019

Sold. We were really pleased with the response from your website thank you and have recommended you to friends.

Kind regards

Robin and Gill Morgan

Diane Dale:

Advertiser on from 18/08/2019 to 30/10/2019

Thank you all so much for all your kind assistance in helping me sell our cottage in France.

Its been a great experience dealing with you and the response from the advertisement has been amazing. :-)

With Best Wishes

Diane Dale

Peter D. Cohen:

Advertiser on from 12/03/2019 to 29/10/2019

Sold my french house, not via But they really helped me making a great advert, supported me where I lost my way, and never lost their friendliness.

All in all, very happy to have worked with them.

Beverley Hall:

Advertiser on from 03/07/2019 to 11/10/2019

Based on the experiences of friends and neighbours, I had expected the house would take at least 12 months to sell.

Yet, with an advert on French-Property’s website, it took me only three months!

The process was straightforward and good value for money, and Rob was very helpful. I would definitely recommend.

Brett Spencer:

Advertiser on from 05/07/2019 to 25/09/2019

I cannot speak more highly of French-Property. I managed to post an advertisement simply and easily.

Once posted I received a phone call and helpful assistance. Within two weeks I had two viewings on the same day and had agreed a sale.

Further enquiries followed almost daily until the sale was concluded. Selling a property has never been easier.

Julie Mason :

Advertiser on from 10/10/2018 to 20/09/2019

Thank you so much.We have now sold this property and had a steady stream of good leads.

Sold to a buyer who enquired through your site.

Chantal MALLOT:

Advertiser on from 07/05/2019 to 14/09/2019

I wanted to withdraw my ad because the house is sold, to a Parisian finally... But I’ve had a lot of requests in English.

Thank you very much for your kindness, your telephone welcome, your efficiency too!


Jackie Morgan:

Advertiser on from 02/04/2019 to 19/08/2019

My property has now sold to the first enquiry and couple that saw it through my ad with you... so thanks very much!

I was delighted to sell through took my neighbour 3 years to sell his apartment.. it took me about 10 days and no agents fees!

I’ve recommended you already..

Catherine Cassara:

Advertiser on from 14/05/2019 to 01/08/2019

Excellent website, easy to use and update and staff very helpful.

I had many enquiries and finalised a sale in under three months.

Jill Cooper:

Advertiser on from 13/03/2018 to 14/07/2019

I have been delighted with the response to my advert on your web site. I engaged two agents in France, who both showed a few people the house, but they had much less success at attracting viewings than the advert I placed with you.

The system was easy to use and the regular updates on enquiries kept me informed.

I have now sold the house through your website.

Many thanks,

Christine Robinson:

Advertiser on from 28/03/2019 to 09/07/2019

I was very happy with the services of

I had many visits and positive enquiries from all over the globe and I was assisted promptly and competently whenever I called their office.

Jackie Morgan:

Advertiser on from 02/04/2019 to 04/05/2019

I’m very happy with the results of my ad! After just 10 days of going live I am under offer and expect to complete at the end of July.

I had decided to trial an online ad before putting it on the market with a local agent and almost immediately I had enquiries and another very serious potential buyer.

I remember when I was looking to purchase my apartment I looked online first so I figured that that is what most people do these days before buying and you then have a much wider audience.

You have nothing to lose and estate agent fees in France are high so this is a great result!

Many Thanks

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Andy Wade:

Advertiser on from 17/12/2018 to 29/03/2019

Excellent service. Sold the property within 3 months after being on other sites for a lot longer.

We had been trying to sell our property for some months before we created our ad on with no success.

Within 1 week of going live we then had a veritable flood of enquiries, quite a few viewings and within 3 months we have now sold.

Plenty of help from the staff and at a not too expensive price. Would recommend them to anyone trying to sell their house.


Heather & David:

Advertiser Advertiser on from 03/09/2018 to 24/03/2019

We wanted to sell our property directly rather than through an agent as in France, even though the buyer pays the fee, this increases their cost considerably.. in our case by 7 to 10%, making our property seem excessively high.

The ad cost was very reasonable.The support and advice in writing the ad from Rob was excellent, things we would not have thought of at all.

As well as being featured on the main site, we received enquiries from the Gite and Lakes (we are on the canal) site.

Interest came from the UK, Canada, US and Australia. We sold to a lady living in Siberia and even had an offer via a local estate agent who had seen the ad.

Overall an exceptionality good experience, definitely down to the staff at

Adriaan Van Herk:

Advertiser on from 06/11/2018 to 12/03/2019

I took my ad off-line, as my French house was sold thanks to the ad on your website.

My local French real estate agent failed to rouse interest for my house in a period of four months time.

A cheap ad on did the job in 6 weeks.

Many thanks also for your help and advices.

Andrew Courage:

Advertiser on from 04/12/2018 to 13/02/2019

We were very satisfied with the website in every way. I wish we had thought of using this website earlier as I am sure we would have sold the house long ago!

Once we had paid the fee we were immediately followed up by Rob with advice as to advert design, photos and content. We heeded this advice and there was an immediate response (almost swamped) from many different countries, Europe and the US.

I am certain that if we had been able to wait another month we would have got a bidding war going. Unfortunately we needed to sell very quickly, so we had to settle for an offer from a buyer from Norway in response to our advert there.

So all in all, we give this site the highest recommendation in what is really a difficult market for sellers right now.


Martine Chessex

Advertiser on from 23/04/18 to 09/02/2019

The advert gave me the opportunity to have 2 potential customers. One never answered after I sent him plans and information. The other one wants to visit in spring so it will be too late for him!

Not so bad. Better than with agencies in France.

Best regards

Russi Dordi:

Advertiser on from 15/06/2018 to 21/01/2019

We have advertised our property with French-Property since last summer.

I wanted to thank you Rob and the team for the prompt help and good advice. Some changes asked for in our brochure were carried out swiftly and we have had some very successful results, one of the last ones leading to a positive outcome.

Russi Dordi, Aude.

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Samuel Chib:

Advertiser on from 06/03/2018 to 09/01/19

Thank you for helping with my online and exhibition adverts. My property in Nice is now sold thanks to you.

Jan Emerson:

Advertiser on from 10/11/2017 to 08/01/19

Thank you, we have sold the property with the aid of your site.

Christine Smith:

Advertiser on from 07/11/14 to 20/11/18

I have moved the advert offline as we have received an offer through your website. The property has been on the market for four years and we have had the majority of enquiries through your website.

Thank you for this. Regards Christine Smith

John Mawer:

Advertiser on from 09/07/2018 to 10/09/18

Thanks for your help in preparing my advert for the chalet.

I received many enquiries from all over Europe and I'm pleased to report the chalet is now sold.

I will not hesitate in using you again and recommending you and your company. Once again thanks for your help.

Dave Steer:

Advertiser on from 10/06/18 to 27/07/18

It was always going to be an either/or decision, i.e. if we sold the house it would include the land, if we sold the land we would keep the house. We had several enquiries for the house (all from America, which surprised us) and one for the land, also from America.

We now have a buyer locally for the land, from a advert in France, so we withdrew both adverts. We were very happy with your service, the website is obviously widely read and we have already recommended it to friends.

Peter Winder:

Advertiser on from 15/08/14 to 24/06/18

I am pleased to tell you that, after four years of advertising, the sale of our house was completed on 21st. June 2018, through the advertisement on your site.

Liz and Michael Avery:

Advertiser on from 25/03/13 to 19/05/18

We sold through a normal agent, however we did get a number of meaningful enquiries through French property and would have had some viewings this summer. We do recommend French Property to others.

Thank you

Ginette Lagrue:

Advertiser on from 02/10/16 to 25/04/18

My property is sold. I found the buyer on your website, he's the first person who contacted me after I reduced the price.

Thank you very much for your help

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Meg Fenn:

Advertiser on from 24/04/17 to 10/04/18

Thank you. I have been delighted with the service you have provided and have recommended you to friends.

Best wishes

John Foster

Advertiser on from 05/09/16 to 26/03/18

Yes I did find the buyer via this website.

Regards J Foster

Liliane Ruf:

Advertiser on from 23/03/16 to 20/02/18

I’ve found a buyer thanks to you..

Sara Sarkozi-Evans:

Advertiser on from 12/05/17 to 15/12/17

Thanks for your great service! We sold the property and the transaction completed on Friday.

Thank you for your assistance and we would certainly use you again. (We have another property so this is possible.)

The buyer actually enquired via another site but later told us that she had also looked at your site, so that’s a tick for you even if not the actual sale.

David Knowles:

Advertiser on from 12/06/17 to 12/12/17

We were very pleased with the repsonse from your website and had fascinating e-mail conversations with many people in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and strangely enough, just one from the UK. Only one visit came from all this - a very nice German lady living near Geneva (about fifty miles from us).

Thanks for your help. We have recommended your site to several people and will continue to do so.

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Michael McClean:

Advertiser on from 24/08/16 to 29/11/2017

I had a relatively good response and indeed I chose a realistic time of 2 years to sell so I managed to do that within that period.All in all I am a satisfied customer.

Peter Grange:

Advertiser on from 12/05/17 to 20/11/17

To our knowledge the buyer saw our property advertised on your website. We should like to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with your service.
Kind regards
Ann & Peter Grange

David Banquy:

Advertiser on from 6/03/17 to 02/11/17

I am very satisfied with the services of French Property.

Sara Sarkozi-Evans:

Advertiser on from 12/05/17 to 31/10/17

Thanks for your great service! We sold the property and the transaction completed on Friday.


Advertiser on from 02/05/17 to 26/09/17

Nous avons apprécié votre aide notamment pour améliorer notre annonce.

Bien cordialement.

Jinny Donnelly:

Advertiser on from 20/03/16 to 08/09/17

I am very pleased to say that our house is now sold and completed on 5/9/17, so I want to thank you and your colleagues for all your help, especially with the technology!

Thanking you,

Denise Clemens:

Advertiser on from 02/08/16 to 10/08/17

If this sale goes through ok it will be the 3rd property that I would have sold using French in the past 10 years!

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Peter Walters:

Advertiser on from 16/03/17 to 18/08/17

I am pleased to say that one of the two enquiries we received through your web site has come to fruition, hoorah.!!

We have been in discussions with them and things look like progressing towards a sale at the full asking price.

Therefore we do not need to continue our advert, but many thanks for doing such a good job for us.

Best Regards,

John Keable:

Advertiser on from 16/05/13 to 04/07/17

I am very happy with your service. Web intuitive and easy to use. When I had problem you gave a prompt reply.

Thank you for your service.

Wanda Saunders:

Advertiser on from 15/09/16 to 25/05/17

I did have some enquiries from your site and have a feeling if it hadn't have been sold with the local agent then your site would have introduced us to a genuine buyer.

Thank you for everything!

Kind Regards

Mr & Mrs Andrews:

Advertiser on from 15/07/12 to 09/05/17

We did find our buyer through our advert on your site and we were very happy with your services.

Feedback and support and would happily recommend your company


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Martijn Dresen:

Advertiser on from 07/03/15 to 24/04/17

Yes we found buyer through your site!!

Overall your service is very good. We had plenty of enquiries through throughout the whole period.

Only bit of constructive feedback I would mention is that the platform to upload images is rather dated (last time used it) and it took a while to get images in the order I wanted.

All in all great experience


M. et Mme Fagé:

Advertiser on from 08/03/2017

Un grand grand merci! Vous êtes efficace et rapide, chapeau!!!

Ce sont des qualités qui se perdent de nos jours!

Encore merci

Sophie Turpin:

Advertiser on from 29/06/16 to 03/03/17

This is not every day that I take the time to give a feedback but you really deserve one.

From listing our property to selling it successfully, everything went smothly. You nailed it!

Will definitely use you again and will strongly recommend you. Sophie

Anne Parissien:

Advertiser on from 11/03/14 to 24/02/17

Thank you for all your help with regard to our advert, unfortunately we did not find the buyer (fingers crossed) via your website but through our local (in France) notaires.

We would however and indeed have recommended your site to friends who are considering selling their property in France.

Keep going with the good work.

Thank you again.

Paul Parissien:

Advertiser on from 11/03/14 to 24/02/17

As we are just about to complete sale (fingers crossed) of our property we will not be renewing our advert.

May we thank you for all your help and expertise in the past.

Janette Fox:

Advertiser on from 23/03/11 to 16/01/17

The house is now sold. Although I had many views, the sale did not come through the site.

Bernard Fayada:

Advertiser on from 20/11/15 to 04/11/16

Grace à French-property nous avons eu beaucoup de contacts dont quelques uns de sérieux.

Nous avons donc vendu dans un délai d'à peu près un an. Site efficace, recommandé et sérieux.

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Pierre van den Herreweghe:

Advertiser on from 10/02/15 to 22/08/16

Unfortunately, we only had one actual reply to the enquiries received & this was from a scammer. No reflection on your site as I know this is a frequent problem with property sites.

Otherwise your site seemed perfectly well-run & on the occasion that I needed to contact someone they were extremely helpful & the query was rapidly dealt with.

Peter Miller:

Advertiser on from 16/03/15 to 14/06/16

I have been very satisfied with the service provided by The advertisment on your website was very effective in so far as I had many enquiries and numerous visits before a purchaser was finally found.

During the time my advert was operating there was only one instance of confusion, on the part of a potential purchaser; and this was clarified and rectified very quickly by your customer service.


Peter Wells;:

Advertiser on from 04/06/2014 to 05/06/16

Many thanks. Although we did receive enquiries as a result of the advertisement on your website there was never any offer made and the sale is proceeding on the basis of personal contact.

Patrick Doherty :

Advertiser on from 15/01/08 to 09/02/16

In praise of I can say that in all the years that I advertised on your website I received more positive leads from you than all four of my French estate agents could muster.

This must be because is geared to the expectations of the British home buyer abroad whereas in general French estate agents are not. It is simple to upload your own photos and text and to instantly edit those in response to market conditions.

I have recently recommended to a friend who is about to put her house in the South of France on the market.

Yours ,

Meryl Evans:

Advertiser on from 09/03/14 to 17/01/16

We have been very pleased with your service throughout and any queries and information requests have always been handled very professionally and competently.

As always, the best form of feedback is recommendations, and as a good friend is about to list her property, we have happily suggested that she use your service!

Kind regards,

Mr and Mrs Shimeld:

Advertiser on from 19/02/15 to 04/11/15

Thank you for your site, which has helped us to now sell our house. Would definetely recommend you.

Many thanks


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Jean-Luc & Martine François:

Advertiser on from 26/03/15 to 27/10/15


Thanks for you help.

Kind regards,

Barrie Mason:

Advertiser on from 16/06/15 to 26/09/15

An excellent site. Lots of information and guidance.

We have a potential buyer and they want the property to be removed from 'For Sale'.

Thanks for your help.

JW, Surrey:

Advertiser on from 07/05/13 to 21/09/15

The team at has consistently been helpful and courteous when we needed their help to create an advert, display our property at property exhibitions, and to maintain our publicity on their site.

I am happy to recommend them and this site for advertising French properties for sale.

Also you somehow knew how to sift out scammers and you were always open to questions and very helpful.

Miriam Janssen:

Advertiser on from 21/05/15 to 07/09/15

Dear Team,

We are very happy with the way you supported us and with your service.

You introduced the people that were interested and every month gave a overlook of the reactions to our advert.

Also you somehow knew how to sift out scammers and you were always open to questions and very helpful.

Thank you

Wendy Howson:

Advertiser on from 22/08/14 to 02/09/15

Dear Sir, I was very pleased with your service. I received a large number of enquiries.

Many more than the estate agent I used who gave me no feed back .I have recommended your site to a number of friends and will continue to do so.

Well done.

Candida Leaver:

Advertiser on from 02/07/14 to 28/08/15

"Thank you for your help.

This property has now been sold via your website.

Angela Turner:

Advertiser on from 04/02/12 to 13/08/15

"I sold my property with yourselves I had by far the most enquirers from you site than others I used. The site was easy to use so did not contact customers service a lot my own criticism was when i did contact it took a while for a reply.

I am not sure if you can do anything about the quality of customers, i did receive a lot of wannabes and holiday tourists but no more than the agents bought to view.

I came to you by recommendation from a friend whom sod there house on your site and I certainly would recommend the site.

Liz Trunkfield:

Advertiser on from 15/03/15 to 10/08/15

"I have been exceptionally pleased with French . I had numerous enquiries, much more than my expectations and I have found a renter for the property.

So I am delighted and would highly recommend you."

Brian Calton:

Advertiser on from 12/07/15 to 07/08/15

"Faultless. I had an exceptional response to my advert on IFP. Plenty of viewings could have been arranged but the house was viewed and a sale agreed within three weeks.

Thank you IFP, your site is easy to use and very effective. your website is by far the best for advertising a French property for sale ."

Robin Phelps:

Advertiser on from 13/04/15 to 30/06/15

"I am very impressed with your attitude and that of your company and will have no hesitation in recommending your services to any friends and colleagues."

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Anne Dannerolle:

Advertiser on from 24/01/15 to 11/06/15

"Thanks, the house is now sold.

Michael Evans:

Advertiser on from 08/05/12 to 09/06/15

"I have sold the property, subject to contract, and have therefore moved it offline. I hope the sale will complete. A Compromis de Vente is signed today.

It took four years to sell the property but that was not your fault. I received 500-odd enquiries through and was very satisfied with that.

I would not hesitate to recommend your service to other property owners.""

Jan Maw:

Advertiser on from 08/05/12 to 01/06/15

"Thank you, great service.

We have sold the property to a friend but were encouraged by enquiries generated from your site."

John Snelling:

Advertiser on from 10/11/14 to 22/05/15

"We sold the house through French Property, the best thing we ever did.

We had lots of enquiries and our buyer came from French-Property, it ended up that we could have had three buyers all wanting our house.

Kind regards John Snelling. "

Alan Roberts:

Advertiser on from 08/05/14 to 08/05/15

"This house has now been sold to our latest viewers. Thankyou and your website for helping us achieve this.

Regards Alan Roberts"

Adrian Alpine:

Advertiser on from 28/08/14 to 05/05/15

"Your service has been excellent, we have had over a dozen direct enquiries asking for additional details plus visit requests, this has resulted in our selling our property through you advertisement service.

Many thanks and we already have recommended you to other friends who are selling in France"

Frank Eykens:

Advertiser on from 21/01/15 to 29/04/15

"It could not be better !!!!!"

Francoise de Valera James:

Advertiser on from 08/07/11 to 26/04/15

"Great site! Lots of leads! Thank you"

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Richard Hazlehurst:

Advertiser on from 10/02/15 to 21/04/15

"Once we had accepted how low prices are in France and dropped the asking price accordingly, there was plenty of interest and we agreed a sale very quickly.

Actually, we have sold to a local person through a local estate agent, but there was a good amount of serious interest resulting from your website."

Chris Finnigan:

Advertiser on since 09/05/12

"Thank you, I am very happy with the response I receive from your site and have recommended your service to many friends.

Best regards, Chris Finnigan"

Pauline & Roy Yeo:

Advertiser on from 02/09/14 to 11/03/15

"We received excellent service and support with a easy website to use."

Francis Cabot:

Advertiser on from 02/09/14 to 11/03/15

"Vos services m'on permit de publier ma vente de maison plus loin que la France ,cela a été très bien.

vos publicités sont bien et bien présentées."

Peter Anderton:

Advertiser on from 12/09/13 to 05/03/15

"We have been very happy both with on-line advertising and with the very helpful office staff - you are one of the few on-line advertising agencies that allowed a link to our own website which we found very useful,we are happy to say that our house has been sold this week through a local agency"

Michael Inwards:

Advertiser on from 12/09/13 to 03/03/15

"I was very happy with your advertising service and customer support. It was far more effective than a local estate agent.

Kind regards"

Joan Hulme:

Advertiser on from 26/03/14 to 14/01/15

"Thank you for your assistance.

It looks as though your site has worked for us - sale now completed."

Ann Burbidge:

Advertiser on from 04/09/13 to 08/01/15

"The service has been efficient and effective, and your staff help in transferring photos in the initial process was much appreciated.

Regards and best wishes,"

Alain Gaborit:

Advertiser on from 15/08/13 to 04/01/15

"The house is sold since the end of 2014.

That why I put its status offline.""

Andrea Grote:

Advertiser on from 06/08/14 to 30/12/14

"I have now sold my property as a direct result of using your site and am very happy with the service you offered. It really worked for me.

Many thanks and yes I wouldn't hesitate to use your service again and I have recommended it others."

Kind regards

Andi Grote"

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Pierrette Jay:

Advertiser on from 28/01/14 to 16/12/14

"Even though I have not sold my property thanks to French-Property, it has been a very good website, carrying serious leads and several visits.

In addition, the website is really easy-to-use – and if you face difficulties, the French-Property staff is always reachable (by email and by phone) to help."

They have very good advice and tips ! I highly recommend French-Property!"

Véronique Chauvin:

Advertiser on from 15/06/14 to 27/11/14

"Thank you very much but this property is sold"

Kate Gritton:

Advertiser on from 26/05/14 to 26/11/14

"I was very satisfied with your service – it just happened that a French buyer came via an agent here that the house was sold."

Pauline Waite:

Advertiser on from 22/04/14 to 23/10/14

"Fantastic service and exposure. I had loads of interest and completed my sale in July, just 3 months after putting my mill up for sale.

Your helpful suggestions were appreciated, your website was easy to use. I would thoroughly recommend your website.

Kind regards

Pauline "

Torsten Lenbroch:

Advertiser on from 24/01/14 to 20/10/14

"Your servcice has been very good.

I have only had a little and mainly english response to my advert, but combined with the effort of a local real estate person, it has nevertheless worked perfect, and I have been very pleased with your service.

Kind regards"

Nigel Hutchinson:

Advertiser on from 26/12/11 to 14/10/14

"Thank you for all your help in the past. The property was also with 3 estate agents who between them only produced 3 enquiries and one visit. With you we had hundreds of hits each month and an average of one viewing per month.

The property has now sold

Regards Nigel Hutchinson"

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Michael and Dorothy Inward:

Advertiser on from 12/09/13 to 30/07/14

"We found your website to be very effective. More so than the results from two local agents we used.

Your help in improving our initial advert was most useful.

Your periodic reports were helpful but most helpful of all was the immediate information passed to us about interested clients.

You are the future."

John Jack:

Advertiser on from 15/06/13 to 30/07/14

"After some time advertising this property we have been surprised and the enormous number of "hits" it had. It is now sold, not as a result of this advertisement unfortunately!

Nevertheless, there were many viewings thanks to the ad. Thank you!"

Marc Diot:

Advertiser on from 12/05/13 to 12/07/14

"French-Property was a real help.

Employees on the phone were perfect as well in French as in English."

"J'ai été satisfait de vos services.

J'ai reçu de nombreuse demandes émanant du monde entier."

Christine Chorley:

"Advertiser on from 14/11/10 to 03/07/14

Thank you for your assistance with our advert over the years.

Christine Chorley"

Susan Berry:

Advertiser on from 06/02/14 to 02/07/14

"I think this is the best website out there."

Madeleine Edwards:

Advertiser on from 27/01/14 to 22/06/14

"Dear French Property Team

As previously notified, our house has been under offer and we have now sold it. Could you please remove it from your website, as I still keep getting enquiries for it.

Again thank you very much for your professional help and I will certainly recommend your website to some friends of ours who also want to sell their house.

Kind regards"

Sue Clarke:

Advertiser on from 27/01/14 to 09/06/14

"It was all very good, many thanks - we have sold our property with your ad."

Eve Pitcairn:

Advertiser on from 10/05/14 to 07/06/14

"Our house sold to the first enquirer through your website. Well worth the money for the advert and we strongly recommend anyone trying to sell a house to use your site."

Evan Wiliamson:

Advertiser on from 02/06/11 to 02/06/14

"Service and support fine you gave a good service and presented the property well."

Ruth & Pascal Wetterwald:

Advertiser on from 24/10/13 to 27/05/14

"I am pleased to tell you that our property is now sold -- we have waited until now -- ie the end of the 7 day reflexion period once the 'compromis de vente' is signed and received by both parties. This reflexion period ended yesterday, so I think we can now be certain that the sale will go through and the advert can be reomoved from your site. We in fact sold it through an enquiry which came via French Prperty . com so are very pleased.

Thank you for your follow up and the way your site is run, we have found it very worthwhile."

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Pauline Waite:

Advertiser on from 22/04/14 to 26/05/14

"I am very impressed with your site. It's easy to use, and easy for prospective buyers to find my property. The feedback advise you give on the advert is very useful. I have taken my water mill off line as I have received a deposit and completion is set for July."

Kathleen McKilligan:

Advertiser on from 20/03/14 to 21/05/14

"I am very pleased with the response and wish I had advertised with you a year ago when I first put my house on sale in France. (I put it first with a major British-owned property site based in France, which uses local British agents in France, and received no enquiries in 3 months, after which I withdrew it). I have had an average of one enquiry per week from your site, and most wanted to view as soon as they could get over to France. I am happy to say that the house is now under offer. Thank you very much for all the help you provided in creating the online advert, which I would have found hard to do on my own."

Louise Neal:

Advertiser on from 16/03/14 to 14/05/14

"Your site is amazing! I have had 6,000 views in 3 months. Your help in selling the proeperty has been second to none. I have taken this property off line as it is sold subject to contracts all being agreed. If the worst happens I will put it back online and will be confident in selling it again. Many thanks."


Orlagh Stewart:

Advertiser on from 04/10/13 to 22/04/14

"Thanks very much. The advert made all the difference to our sale."


Mark Bain:

Advertiser on from 29/10/13 to 27/03/14

"We had our property in Charente Marintime on the market for nearly 3 years using a local Immoblier, we had 3 enquiries! I registered with French Property some 5 months ago, received around 15 genuine enquiries and sold the property 2 months ago. Need I say more"

Brilliantly efficient and thanks

Mark Bain

Susan Quibell:

Advertiser on from 18/06/13 to 24/03/14

"Our property is now sold, thanks to your site. Over the last two years we have had only 4 viewings from two agents, but since last July we have had 21 enquiries and 10 viewings from your site - and now the sale."

Thank you

Suzanne DOUZOU:

Advertiser on from 05/11/13 to 10/03/14

"Nous avons vendu notre maison en un mois "


Angela Daley:

Advertiser on from 11/07/11 to 24/02/14

"We've found your site really efficient over the three years we've been advertising our two French properties. We eventually sold both of them through French Property.
The premium ad we had for the current property proved the most productive. We received a good number of sound enquiries many of whom viewed the house and finally the right person came along.
When we had enquiries or needed backup while in France your company always provided brilliant support and made everything really easy.
Many thanks indeed, we owe both sales to you."

Warm Regards

Bill Dyer:

Advertiser on from 05/10/12 to 24/02/14

"We have sold our property , thank you for your help in the past.W e thought your site was easy to use, the potential buyers contacted us easily. "


Barbara and Bob Donovan:

Advertiser on from 02/06/13 to 16/02/14

"Very pleased that we achieved a private sale two weeks ago via your site at our asking price. A very good result after only 7 months."

Thank you. A great service

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Peter Harvey:

Advertiser on from 12/09/13 to 03/12/13

"We are pleased to say that the property has now been sold, the 7 day cooling off period after the Compromis having just expired. We were very happy with your assistance and have in fact already recommended you to friends who are proposing to market their property in the Spring. "

Thank you for your help throughout. We were amazed at the interest and the number of emails as we had only heard negative comments regarding the chance of selling in the current climate."


Brian Walker:

Advertiser on from 02/05/13 to 02/11/13

"I was very pleased with your website.
It was easy to use and I had many replies. The weekly reports were also very helpful. Overall, an excellent website"


Paul Rose:

Advertiser on from 15/08/13 to 17/10/13

"Bonjour !
I would like to thank all of the team at French Property for the service provided in helping to sell my french cottage. I have had a great number of sale enquiries generated by the advertisment and have successfully found a buyer. Once again many thanks, "


Christine Wilson:

Advertiser on from 17/09/13 to 23/10/2013

"Your website is excellent and I found it very easy to set up our advertisement. I now wish to take our advert Offline as we have now found a local buyer. "

Thanks Christine Wilson

Sandra Wagstaff:

Advertiser on from 09/07/13 to 17/09/2013

"Thank you for a good effort. We were inundated with enquiries through you. The house is now sold."

Gordon Grant:

Advertiser on from 10/07/13 to 07/09/2013

"I am very happy with your site and the friendly and very helpful personel that are employed by you. With kind regards Sincerely"

Gordon Grant

Michel Petitpas:

Advertiser on from 04/08/11 to 04/09/2013

"thank you for yr message : the quality of your advertisement was good, with attractive presentation and page display.Easy to find on web if interested by chalets in Haute Savoie. Search is easy and clear. with best regards,"


Deborah Glen:

Advertiser on from 06/08/12 to 13/08/2013

"“We were very happy with your service, thank you. We advertised two properties via your website and sold one within two weeks. We would definitely use you again in the future. Regards"


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David Whittaker:

Advertiser on from 13/03/12 to 29/07/2013

"Our house is sold. we had some responses from our advert with you but not a buyer. Apreciated the security you provided and the information on enquiries. Now we need to buy another house."


Sue Altman:

Advertiser on from 29/09/11 to 27/07/2013

"We didn't sell the property through your website though we did get a reasonable number of enquiries and 3 viewings. Although the number of viewings was extremely low for the length of time it was advertised this was more reflective of the market in general than your website. I chose to advertise through French entree at the same time time and my experience with you was much better. I had a higher number of enquries and no rubbish ones starting I am a general in the Aganistan army etc, or i want to use your property for advertising cocoa cola at Heathrow. Much releived that it s sold and it was via a French agent who was extremely helpful for pushing it through. Regards."

Sue Altman

David Bowen:

Advertiser on from 29/09/11 to 27/07/2013

"This is the second house we have sold in France using the services of French ....the first was in 2004 when it was Internet French Property. We have found it to be easy to use and to modify our details as we needed. There is one improvement that could be made to the site regarding the loading of photos ....if we have loaded (say) 10 photos, and we need to reload photo No1, then the new photo that we load always appears in photo No10 position, and we have to move the new photo up by nine positions into the No1 position. Just a little niggle, but it all takes time! The statistics on the number of "hits" on our ad has helped to sustain us in what has been a difficult market, and in our case it has taken exactly 2 years, which is not bad, considering. Overall though, I can (and do) recommend the site to other people. Also, I find your monthly newsletter extremely useful. Regards"

David Bowen

Paul Pontone:

Advertiser on from 24/07/12 to 21/07/13

"We have signed a compromis and will be signing the final act de vente on 13 August. I have therefore moved our ad offline. Thanks"

Paul Pontone

Ms Decima Rickard:

Advertiser on from 04/03/13 to 15/07/13

"Hello, Please note that I have now sold my property and no longer wish for it to remain on the site. Thank you, Kind regards,"


Derek Reynolds:

Advertiser on from 01/03/13 to 21/06/2013

"Please note that the property ref: IFPC23322 has now been sold and I have taken the property 'offline' from the listings. Thank you for your assistance in advertising."

Derek Reynolds

Sarah Reason:

Advertiser on from 18/05/12 to 10/02/2013

"Very pleased with web-site. Had 2 visits but no sale from advert. Decided to take house off market and rent it out instead. Thank you"


John McKeand:

Advertiser on from 30/04/2012 to 03/01/2013

"Your site provided us with a number of useful leads and ammendments to the site were easy to make. However we found a buyer by word of mouth through our circle of friends."

John N McKeand

John Schofield:

Advertiser on from 07/10/2012 to 15/11/2012

"Excellent - sold within the month. Would use again"

John Schofield

Jack Davis:

Advertiser on since 20/06/2008

"...I am a fan of having sold 2 properties with your help..."

Jack Davis

Jennifer Gaff:

Advertiser on since 12/07/2012

"Thank you - great service - I'll certainly recommend to others..."

Jennifer Gaff

John Greaves:

Advertiser on from 12/02/2012 until 20/06/2012

"I found your site to be very good and the advertisement process easy and straightforward. You have your own statistics as to how many hits and how many responses my advertisement received."

John Greaves

Nigel Hutchinson:

Advertiser on since 26/12/2011

"I would like to thank you for the professional and courteous manner you have shown in dealing so efficiently with this request."

Nigel Hutchinson

Antony Woods:

Advertiser on from 21/07/2010 to 01/08/2012

"I have now sold my property (through an agent)but I had loads of enquiries through your site and almost sold it twice.I've recommended you to lots of people.Cheers, Tony."

Antony Woods

Moira Weaver:

Advertiser on from 01/03/2008 to 19/02/2012

"I have been very impressed with this site for advertising my land and house for sale in france. This was definitely the best site for enquiries, and you have been very quick to deal with any problems."

Moira Weaver

Pauline Morton:

Advertiser on from 30/04/2009 to 04/02/2012

"Thanks for all your help. House sold via your site, so well done you!!"

Pauline Morton

Rosemary Bellin:

Advertiser on from 26/04/2011 to 23/01/2012

"A good site and I did get a steady flow of enquiries. Have now sold the property via another source."

Rosemary Bellin

Elizabeth Tabb:

Advertiser on from 01/05/2010 to 07/01/2012

"Thank you for advertising my property. I have now found a buyer so will no longer need to have it online.
Best Wishes."

Elizabeth Tabb

Kate Halliwell:

Advertiser on from 13/01/2011 to 02/01/2012

"We have just sold our property via an advert I created in Jan 2011. Your website has therefore assisted in selling our house. I found creating the advert straightforward and was pleased with the end result online. br>Thank you and bonne année."

Kate Halliwell

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James Davies:

Advertiser on from 22/08/2011 to 17/12/2011

" provided an excellent service, you sent many many interested prospective buyers. Thank you very much, we would not hesitate in recommending your wonderful service.

James Davies

Anja Gardiner:

Advertiser on from 15/06/2011 to 14/12/2011

"Your site was a great help when we were selling our house in France.
Your service is very professional, and the site is well designed and well organised.
Thank you for your help."

Anja Gardiner

Veronica White:

Advertiser on from 08/07/2011 to 20/11/2011

"My property IFPC12611 has now been sold to a client through your Website. Thank you very much for all your guidance and support through the last 3 years.

Veronica White

Susan Berry:

Advertiser on from 27/06/2011 to 24/10/2011

"This website always produces serious enquiries from customers."

Susan Berry

Rosheen Hingston:

Advertiser on from 29/05/2011 to 27/09/2011

"I have sold my property & am very pleased it sold so quickly"

Rosheen Hingston

Jon Winslade:

Advertiser on from 03/10/2010 to 23/06/2011

"I was able to secure a sale. Many thanks.”

Jon Winslade

Robert Davis:

Advertiser on from 24/03/2011 to 08/06/2011

"Just to let you know how impressed I was by the number of enquiries for the property were made via your site, how user friendly it was and how helpful you and your colleagues were.”

Robert Davis

Peter Chandler:

Advertiser on from 22/02/2011 to 04/06/2011

"Excellent site and advert package - sold my property through you. The volume of hits on my advert was unbelievable !”

Peter Chandler

Tim Hooley:

Advertiser on from 27/06/2010 to 28/04/2011

"We are very pleased with French Property and would use your advertising web site again.”

Tim Hooley

Jacqueline Catlin:

Advertiser on from 29/07/2009 to 26/04/2011

"Your site is excellent and generated several enquiries - unlike the local agents. I recommend it to anyone wishing to save on agents fees.”

Jacqueline Catlin

Kristina Knight:

Advertiser on from 27/06/2010 to 18/04/2011

"Site is easy to use. generated lots of enquiries. Fair value for money.”

Kristina Knight

Susan Berry:

Advertiser on from 05/08/2011 to 14/04/2011

"Very pleased with the site and the fact I have found the buyer through IFP. The site is easy to use and I will continue to advertise here.”

Susan Berry

Angela Baggi:

Advertiser on from 27/06/2010 to 14/12/2010

"Thank you for your excellent service.”

Angela Baggi

David Kingston:

Advertiser on from 20/12/2008 to 23/11/2010

"Site is still probably the best with the highest number of enquiries.”

David Kingston

Katie Tomlinson:

Advertiser on from 29/08/2007 to 17/09/2010

"Currently under offer. Brill site. Thanks.”

Katie Tomlinson

Linda Gimbert:

Advertiser on from 22/03/2010 to 07/07/2010

"We have had a good response from your site, all the enquiries we have had have come from you and none from french estate agents!”

Linda Gimbert

Anthony Scott:

Advertiser on from 25/01/2010 to 14/05/2010

"Great site with good exposure and easy to use.


Anthony Scott

Katie Tomlinson:

Advertiser on from 19/02/2007 to 24/05/2010

"Currently under offer. Brill site. Thanks.”

Katie Tomlinson

Claire Scott:

Advertiser on from 16/11/2009 to 16/04/2010

"Loads of viewings from your site and the eventual sale, thanks!”

Claire Scott

Patricia Palmer:

Advertiser on from 21/10/2009 to 27/01/2010

"I'm very happy with the way prospective customers have to contact the seller through you. A good system!”

Patricia Palmer

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Dena Mason:

Advertiser on from 31/07/2008 to 03/12/2009

"Great site lots of enquiries.”

Dena Mason

Glenys Robertson:

Advertiser on from 02/05/2007 to 03/12/2009

"We are delighted to have sold our house via your website. Three Estate agencies only had a few viewings between them and we had many more. It has now been sold and we are very pleased with your most professional service. The sale was easy and we thank you for saving us thousands of euros. It is far the best way to buy and sell property as long as you are realistic in today's market. We paid only for our advert with you and not a penny in commission!!

Thank you all so much. I am happy to discuss our experience with any potential clients as testimonials are not always considered genuine. I assure you we are very satisfied.

KIndest regards to all at IFP. Have a great Christmas.”

Glenys Robertson

Jeanna Jaques:

Advertiser on from 25/12/2008 to 08/11/2009

"It was a great site and an excellent response. Property now sold.”

Jeanna Jaques

Marcus Caswell:

Advertiser on from 03/04/2009 to 21/10/2009

"I am pleased to advise we have now sold our house and thanks for all your help.


Marcus Caswell

Patrick Dorp:

Advertiser on from 23/05/2009 to 20/10/2009


Patrick Dorp

Jack Davis:

Advertiser on from 20/06/2008 to 12/10/2009

"Thank you, our property has now been sold to an IFP enquirer. We also had the best response from your site over several others and agents.


Jack Davis

Michael Salt:

Advertiser on from 03/06/2009 to 01/10/2009

"I'm very pleased with the response we've had so far. I'm only taking the property off-line because we won't be at the property to receive visitors during the winter.”

Michael Salt

Geoffrey Hyde Fynn:

Advertiser on from 20/06/2008 to 23/09/2009

"Whilst the property did not sell through your advertisement that was not for the want of good leads. The click system is very good and we could collate clicks to hits on our own website. I guess that with selling any property in France there are the dreamers and we had our fill of those but we also had serious prospects...”

Geoffrey Hyde Fynn

Richard Fagan:

Advertiser on from 26/03/2009 to 03/09/2009

"Good range of enquiries although the did not actually lead to the sale.”

Richard Fagan

Diana Stevens:

Advertiser on from 14/01/2009 to 01/09/2009

"Excellent we had the most contact through you.”

Diana Stevens

John David Gilbert Emery:

Advertiser on from 15/09/2007 to 29/08/2009

"We got a buyer.....what more can I say?”

John David Gilbert Emery

Elizabeth Skehan:

Advertiser on from 13/02/2009 to 27/08/2009

"I certainly had alot of exposure through your website and although the sale is with a local agent I would reccomend IFP to anyone wanting to sell their property.”

Elizabeth Skehan

Robert Robertson:

Advertiser on from 26/02/2007 to 25/08/2009

"The house is now sold. The service you had provided was great.


Robert Robertson

Elizabeth Richardson:

Advertiser on from 22/09/2008 to 28/07/2009

"Many thanks. I had loads of enquiries and have now sold the property to a contact from this advertisement. Have already recommended you to others trying to sell.”

Elizabeth Richardson

Denise Clemens:

Advertiser on from 02/02/2009 to 01/06/2009

"I would like to let you know that this is the second property that I have sold through advertising on your using excellent website!”

Denise Clemens

James Westgarth:

Advertiser on from 20/09/2008 to 31/03/2009

"Good website. Property sold”

James Westgarth

Tim Hooley:

Advertiser on from 10/01/2008 to 30/04/2009

"We are very happy to use IFP. All enquirys are passed on quickly. The website is very easy to follow.”

Tim Hooley

Peter Magee:

Advertiser on from 17/11/2008 to 28/04/2009

"Great as always - another sale through your site! Many thanks”


Steven Hall:

Advertiser on from 25/05/2007 to 31/03/2009

"Excellent. I have had more interest through IFP than all the others put together - that's 3 agents + 3 websites. Impressive.”

Steven Hall

Dave Pearce:

Advertiser on from 11/04/2008 to 24/03/2009

"I have just found a buyer for my French property and have just moved my ad "offline". The sale was not a result of your website advertising but I just wanted to say that I have had many more enquiries and viewings as a result of your website that of the four immobilieres I have signed with put together. I would recommend your website to anyone who wants to reach that elusive buyer.”

Dave Pearce

Paul Godfrey:

Advertiser on from 12/02/2008 to 02/03/2009

"We had many enquiries and sold with about 4 weeks of putting the house on your excellent site.”

Paul Godfrey

Matthew Clark:

Advertiser on from 30/05/2008 to 22/02/2009

" The property has just been sold. Your site works very well; I have had many enquiries.

Thank you for your service.


Dr Matthew Clark

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Stephen McAuliffe:

Advertiser on from 06/02/2008 to 20/10/2008

" Dear IFP,

Very good service and good value for money

Best Regards”

Stephen McAuliffe

Peter Pigeon:

Advertiser on from 20/10/2007 to 18/08/2008

" Dear IFP,

We have just sold our property in Cavillargues so please remove it from your site.

Thank you for your excellent service.

Best regards"

Peter Pigeon

Nina Champion:

Advertiser on from 03/04/2008 to 15/08/2008

" Dear IFP,

Just to let you know that this property has been sold through IFP. We were delighted to receive an offer at the end of April and are now heading back to France from Australia to complete the Acte. Well done IFP! Please remove it from the site.

Kind regards"

Nina Champion

Adrianne Carroll:

Advertiser on from 04/05/2008 to 29/07/2008

" Dear IFP,

I have now sold my property and will withdraw the advertisement from your site. Thank you for your excellent service and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to sell a house in France.

Yours sincerely"

Adrianne Carroll

John Watson:

Advertiser on from 02/01/2008 to 14/07/2008

" Dear IFP,

Great site - sold my house within 3 weeks. Would def recommend. "

John Watson

Ian Smith:

Advertiser on from 12/05/2008 to 28/05/2008

" Dear IFP,

Happy with the quality of your service and the ease of use of your site.

Many thanks indeed"

Ian Smith

Virginia Bloch-Jorgensen:

Advertiser on from 30/03/2008 to 22/05/2008

"Dear IFP,

I have found your site to be fantastic. Weekly enquiry reports, ability to place a huge amount of information and photos on the site and a great site in general has generated a lot of interest in our property.

Thank you so much. Kind Regards"

Virginia Bloch-Jorgensen

Catherine Slater:

Advertiser on from 21/11/2004 to 20/05/2008

"Excellent site. Easy to use. Useful statistics. Keep going!"

Catherine Slater

John Wainwright:

Advertiser on from 11/10/2007 to 23/03/2008

"Many thanks for a good site - This property is now sold. I have another property to advertise in the next couple of weeks. Regards."

John Wainwright

Paul Fisher:

Advertiser on IFP from 31/05/2006 to 01/03/2008

"I can confirm that the property is now sold and I have found the site more than uselful. Many thanks."

Paul Fisher

Lindsay Trill:

Advertiser on from 05/07/2007 to 23/01/2008

"Thank you for all your help. We received some good responses and the house has now been sold. Regards."

Lindsay Trill

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Lynne Cryster:

Advertiser on from 17/04/2007 to 12/12/2007

"Thank you for your great service-very professional-I will recommend your site to all who are interested in buying/selling. Many thanks."

Lynne Cryster

Tony Price:

Advertiser on from 27/02/2007 to 25/11/2007

"I am very pleased to say that our property in France has now been sold, thanks to our advertisement placed with you. We had advertised in various magazines, newspapers and on websites in France and England, and used 3 French estate agents, but the important contact came through"

Mike and Rita Dowling:

Advertiser on from 03/08/2007 to 09/11/2007

"We have provisionally found a buyer for our home thanks to our ad on your website. It appeared to give better results than Green Acres. Kind regards."

Mike and Rita Dowling

Nick Fordham:

Advertiser on from 25/03/2007 to 08/11/2007

"Thanks to your site, I have just accepted an offer on this property. So could you cancel the ad, as Im still getting regular enquiries.
I'm now using your site to find myself a new place. Regards."

Nick Fordham

Ann Hesketh-Hull:

Advertiser on from 03/07/2006 to 05/11/2007

"Please amend site sold or take off completely perhaps would be better.Wishing everyone at your company all the best. I will recommend you to all peeps down there... Kindest regards and best wishes. Ann."

Richard Davies:

Advertiser on from 05/06/2007 to 26/10/2007

"This site has been an invaluable component in the process of selling my property. Setting up instructions are clear and the communications have been excellent throughout. I would recommend an IFP advertisement to anyone selling property in France."

Martine Williams:

Advertiser on from 28/01/2006 to 25/10/2007

"Excellent site providing excellent services."

Mo Reilly:

Advertiser on from 21/06/2007 to 26/10/2007

"An excellent website and have recommended to several others. Good exposure and feedback and easy to maintain the advertisement."

Mo Reilly

Dick Yates-Smith:

Advertiser on from 23/08/2006 to 22/10/2007

"I have managed to sell the property through a French agent. Your site is very good and I managed to sell my last house through you! Regards."

Dick Yates-Smith

Emmanuelle Debruyne:

Advertiser on from 09/10/2005 to 23/09/2007

"Flat is now sold. Easy process, few inquiries when the advert is online for a long time.
It is a good thing not to pay after the 1st advert.

Emmanuelle Debruyne

Terry Reeves:

Advertiser on from 18/11/2006 to 14/09/2007

"We had a number of leads from this site and very nearly sold from it once - however in the end it was sold through a local Agent. Many thanks."

Terry Reeves

Michael Smith:

Advertiser on from 11/09/2006 to 07/09/2007

"Thank you very much for your website. Its been a complete success from start to finish. I sold my property for the asking price only by advertising it with you. It did take a while but that was mainly because of notaires. The one down side of your web site, is that you keep removing the property from sale every month without notifying me. Otherwise a very satisfied customer, thanks."


Margaret Chesters:

Advertiser on from 11/04/2007 to 06/09/2007

"Very happy with IFP, property 13739 definitely sold. Property 13155 has had the Compromis de Vente signed, will keep the ad in the background till the Acte de Vente has taken place."

Collette Doyle:

Advertiser on from 10/07/2007 to 20/08/2007

"We have had many enquiries through this site. We may now have a buyer and are moving the property offline for the moment. It has all been very easy and user friendly."

Christine Middleton:

Advertiser on from 06/10/2005 to 20/08/2007

"Excellent site, we had more enquiries from this than any other agent, and the property was sold through this website. Thank you."

Emma Naden:

Advertiser on from 07/01/2007 to 10/08/2007

"Absolutely fantastic website I will recommend it to friends."

Myriam Camboulives:

Advertiser on from 07/01/2007 to 01/08/2007

"Like the site, easy to use and navigate. Liked the reports, it's good to know people are looking at your property even though you're not getting many enquiries. Please the ad was also easy. Good experience all round. Thanks, Myriam."

Elizabeth Pearce:

Advertiser on from 30/04/2007 to 31/07/2007

"We have found this website most helpful in selling our property - taking just three months. It has been user friendly and contains a lot of useful information."

Kate Gardner:

Advertiser on from 08/03/2007 to 30/07/2007

"We have sold our property. Thank you."

Gerry Sherriff:

Advertiser on from 08/07/2007 to 30/07/2007

"We have received an offer for the house which we have accepted. As part of the offer we have agreed not to advertise, however, we will re advertise should the sale not procede. Good avertising medium easy to use and looks good."

Jean-Francois Bessiron:

Advertiser on from 23/04/2007 to 18/07/2007

"Good site, with useful stats on traffic and weekly summary e-mail on activity. Very happy with my investment in placing the advert."

Ros Metcalfe:

Advertiser on from 04/10/2006 to 10/07/2007

"Unfortunately didn't sell via the site. However, I found it very easy to use and to change and your support team were superb when I needed them."

Della Alim:

Advertiser on from 23/08/2006 to 28/06/2007

"Good site, easy to use will be using it again when selling my other house. Thank you"

Dean Sharman:

Advertiser on from 19/01/2007 to 28/06/2007

"Very good. Thank you."

Fiona Reverdy:

Advertiser on from 20/08/2006 to 28/06/2007

"Hello, this e-mail is to request that you remove our advert IFPC12242 because the house has just been purchased thanks to IFP.”

Sue Gamon:

Advertiser on from 15/02/2007 to 26/06/2007

"We have received many enquiries and visits from interested buyers and our sale has now been completed with someone who saw our advertisement on your site. Thank you.”

Simon Seddon:

Advertiser on from 02/05/2007 to 02/06/2007

"Great - used a number of sites for our sale and this has had the most enquiries. Very pleased, would definitely recommend/use again.”

Len Klug:

Advertiser on from 02/03/2007 to 30/05/2007

"I want to cancel the online ad for the property in Garbay since we received a purchaser using your services."

Eileen Smith:

Advertiser on from 13/02/2006 to 10/04/2007

"Very easy site to use resulting in a very quick sale.

Thank you.”

Jesse O'Scanlan:

Advertiser on from 27/09/2006 to 26/03/2007

"I find your stats page and your email reports a very good idea, but the "Your Account Page" could be more user-friendly”

Clive Walker:

Advertiser on from 21/11/2006 to 26/02/2007

"A simple service to use - must be good, our buyer saw the proprty on Thank you.”

William Palmer:

Advertiser on from 05/06/2005 to 26/02/2007

"Has now been sold ,so would you remove it from your website please, thank you for your service and support, kind regards bill palmer.”

Guy Sturgess:

Advertiser on from 20/03/2006 to 06/01/2007

"Thank you, I finally found a buyer through this website.”

Suzanne Giblin Masi:

Advertiser on from 18/06/2006 to 17/01/2007

"I think your website greatly improved from the time I started to use it. Unfortunately, I didn't sell the house via IFP but through an estate agent - so I had to pay those hefty fees. But thanks for your attention everytime I needed it. Best wishes.”

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M. Butcher:

Advertiser on from 26/07/2006 to 05/12/2006

"We were extremely pleased with the ease of creating and placing our advert and the ability to showcase our home with a decent sized write up and a good selection of photos. We had a very good response and our private advertising led to more quality viewings than through our local agents and in fact we did sell our home within 2 months through private advertising."

Malcolm Wearing:

Advertiser on from 17/06/2006 to 05/12/2006

"Thank you, your site helped a successful sale."

Michael O'Connell:

Advertiser on from 05/06/2006 to 05/11/2006

"Good response since first ad. Sold through you despite having the property with 3 French agencies... well done IFP."

Derek Olphert:

Advertiser on from 21/01/2006 to 28/10/2006

"We found the site to be excellent and generated many enquiries. We have had a successful sale."

Peter Jones:

Advertiser on from 29/01/2006 to 26/10/2006

“I would highly recommend this site to any seller for the high number of enquiries I received and it is very cost effective.”

Paul Wixey:

Advertiser on from 15/08/2005 to 22/10/2006

“I Our cottage has now been sold. Even though your site brought many people to our cottage, far more than any other advertisement, it was a local French person who bought the property. Very good, clear and easy to use site. Thank you.”

Clive Vaughan:

Advertiser on from 31/05/2005 to 14/10/2006

“Just to let you know that my house is now sold and would like to thank you for advertising it great way to reach so many people and also cheap way of advertising. Thanks again."

C. Vaughan

Sharon Mullis:

Advertiser on from 03/03/2005 to 7/10/2006

“I would like to thank IFP for advertising my property. Since placing the add I have become a French Estate Agent and continue to advertise our properties on this site. I do however agree with other Brits that the french agency don't go out of their way to sell houses and I found this was a very satisfactory solution for me. I try to give my clients a full service and only show them properties that will interest them and with more english agents around these days the balalnce is shifting.”

Nicola Bryan:

Advertiser on from 09/11/2005 to 5/10/2006

"IFP was the website which gave the best response to my advertisement.
+ helpful and fast feedback from the technical team.
Many thanks."

Nicola Bryan

Michael Smith:

Advertiser on from 16/08/2005 to 19/09/2006

"Great site and very well managed. As it happens I didn't sell it via you although I almost did. Buyer pipped at the post by someone local."


Merle Drury:

Advertiser on from 02/03/2006 to 09/09/2006

"Thanks very much.Over 4000 views since first advertising and hundreds of extra visits to my own website.Well worth the fee.Many thanks.I like the new stats format."

Merle Drury

Jos Tuinam:

Advertiser on from 11/10/2005 to 03/07/2006

"Good response with enquiries on this advert, which result in a possible selling."

Jos Tuinman

Mr & Mrs Loheac:

Advertiser on from 26/04/2006 to 03/07/2006

"All sold, thanks again."


Michael Coleman:

Advertiser on from 26/05/2006 to 01/07/2006

"Absolutly a marvelous site...I literally received hundreds of enquiries within the first two weeks, The property was under offer within one week. Thank you for this wonderful site."

Michael Coleman

Guillaume de Faget:

Advertiser on from 23/10/2005 to 01/07/2006

"A very simple and efficient way to sell a property. Thanks."


David and Nita Tripp:

Advertiser on from 08/11/2005 to 27/06/2006

"We wanted to say "Thank you" for your fantastic website. We placed a for sale notice of our house on your site and have received somewhere in the region of 8000+ hits with many "real" enquires. This was then followed up with many viewings and many from as far away as Toyko. We sold our property through your site and had many clients still asking to view it in case the sale fell through!. May I add we also had four french agents trying to sell it, but hey in the end it was the IFP website. It you are considering selling your property through this site, like us we were hesistant but so glad we did it.Many thanks for a fantastic site. Would recommend you to many others. Thanks."

Nita and David Tripp

Mark Daley:

Advertiser on from 13/11/2004 to 22/06/2006

"Excellent service all round. Got loads of enquiries, and although I did my best to point out I was a private seller it's surprising how many people assumed I was an estate agent and asked if I had 'anything similar' in other parts of the country! Some 'buyers' seem to want it all for free - 'can you drop your price even lower because the house will need work' was common, despite it being plainly stated that the price was already low because of that. One or two timewasters encountered, and one bloke whose only reason for enquiring was to try to sell me spamming software! I suppose you'll get that anywhere... In all, most enquiries were genuine (I ignored the Nigerian princess asking me to help smuggle her out of the country!) and I did get a buyer through the website, so I'm very satisfied with the service."

Mark Daley

Wendy Watson:

Advertiser on from 01/10/2005 to 17/06/2006

"Extremely satisfied with the results. An enormous amount of advert viewings and many good leads. Would recommend this site to anyone wishing to sell or buy. Far better than any other website. Thanks for all your help and making it so easy to sell my house."

Wendy Watson. Les Barthes, Le Fleix.

Mike Spurr:

Advertiser on from 19/10/2005 to 01/06/2006

"Fantastic service! Over 3500 hits! Plenty of interest, Many viewings arrange, several offers at the asking price. Property now sold. I'd recommend the service to anyone wishing to sell property in France. Thank you."

Mike Spurr

Trevor Titcomb:

Advertiser on from 12/10/2005 to 19/05/2006

"We have been over the moon with the responses that we have had from this website needless to say our house was sold thanks to IFP. Well worth every penny."

Trevor Titcomb

Diana McKInnon:

Advertiser on from 24/08/2005 to 14/05/2006

"I was very pleased with the level of service and also we received a lot of enquiries."

Diana McKInnon

Russell Hindley:

Advertiser on from 08/01/2005 to 02/05/2006

"Excellent service on the whole. The volume of enquiries from your site far outstripped any other so I am happy. Thanks!"

Russell Hindley

Scott Landry:

Advertiser on from 27/03/2006 to 08/05/2006

"Excellent service, great value for money. Website very well designed and easy to use and manage. Had around 10 very interested potential buyers. This is the future of property selling."

Scott Landry

Mike Johnson:

Advertiser on from 08/02/2006 to 03/05/2006

"Brilliant service, Best site to get response and offers. Tried the others and they didn't work. Thank you."

Mike Johnson

Anna Abrahams:

Advertiser on from 08/02/2006 to 02/05/2006

"Your website provided a steady stream of enquiries. It was definitely worth advertising on. Technical service was very professional too. Thanks."

Anna Abrahams

Yves Martin:

Advertiser on from 17/11/2004 to 02/05/2006

"Excellent level of enquiries. Service excellent."

Yves Martin

Markus Munford:

Advertiser on from 06/01/2006 to 23/04/2006

"Very happy with this service, we had on average one enquiry a week for four months since having our advert online. Thanks."

Markus Munford

Mme Garrigues:

Advertiser on from 28/04/2005 to 20/04/2006

"We received very many asks on this advert. Thanks for this very high service."


Daniel Nutt:

Advertiser on from 17/07/2005 to 07/04/2006

"The first property we put on IFP was sold within 15 minutes, this last property received over 4400 hits with just 4 inquiries, never-the-less it has now been sold through IFP. We can throughly recommend IFP as a value for money way to advertise property."

Daniel Nutt

Richard Townsend:

Advertiser on from 07/11/2005 to 02/04/2006

"Very pleased with the service. Very cost effective and had lots of enquiries."

Richard Townsend

Peter Dale:

Advertiser on from 01/07/2005 to 02/04/06

"Thank you very much for the use of your site in selling our property we had over 3.000 hits. Excellent Service have recommended IFP to other people had over 3,000 enquiries for our property."

PJ Dale

Carole Brown:

Advertiser on from 01/12/2004 to 27/03/2006

"I am happy to say that the house has now been sold and the Compromis signed. So the advert is no longer needed. You will be pleased to know that it was through your website that the sale was effected. Many thanks for your help."

Robert and Carole Brown

Robert Wakefield:

Advertiser on from 04/02/2006 to 26/03/2006

"We have sold our property after advertising for just a few weeks. We had many enquiries through your website and definitely were most pleased with your services above any other website."

Robert Wakefield

Amanda Lyncroft:

Advertiser on from 30/09/2005 to 15/03/2006

"I received dozens of enquiries about my house and finally had several offers on it, and it sold for more than any of the local agents had valued it. I will definitely use your service again."

Amanda Lyncroft

Mme Garrigues:

Advertiser on from 28/09/2005 to 15/03/2006

"A very good service, easy to use for everybody, advertiser or buyer."


David Kavanagh:

Advertiser on from 15/11/2005 to 02/03/2006

"The best... made a sale through your site .. will recommend"

David Kavanagh

Roger Melvyn Destrebecq:

Advertiser on from 14/11/2005 to 28/02/2006

"It’s sale. Thank you"

Destrebecq Roger Melvyn

Geoff Bramfitt:

Advertiser on from 26/07/2005 to 24/02/2006

"We are pleased with IFP. The amount of hits was greatly increased when the property was upgraded to a premium position .Although this co-incided with a sale through the agent due to a price reduction. The amount of hits also increased when we changed the photo, to a beach photo. Thanks, keep up the good work."

Geoff Bramfitt

Geoff Bramfitt:

Advertiser on from 26/07/2005 to 24/02/2006

"We are pleased with IFP. The amount of hits was greatly increased when the property was upgraded to a premium position .Although this co-incided with a sale through the agent due to a price reduction. The amount of hits also increased when we changed the photo, to a beach photo. Thanks, keep up the good work."

Geoff Bramfitt


Advertiser on from 17/08/2005 to 09/02/2006

"Have been very pleased with the level of active interest in this property advertisement, we now have asigned CdeV, and look forward to the Acte Finale soon."


Fabien Mulloni:

Advertiser on from 12/01/2005 to 30/01/2006

"Your web site is very easy to use and to put an advert for any property."


Catherine Slater:

Advertiser on from 21/03/2005 to 15/01/2006

"The website is easy to use and the IFP team is very professional. I did not receive many enquiries about this property, mainly, I think, because it is large and requires a lot of work. It has now been sold through personal contacts."

Catherine Slater

Odile Martins:

Advertiser on from 12/10/2004 to 03/01/2006

"Excellent service with good back-up support. Of the six sites used we found this was one to be the best. Preparation and later Editing of Text and Images both very easy to perform. Happy New Year and Thank You."

Odile Martins

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David Slee:

Advertiser on from 20/05/2005 to 03/12/2005

"Totally unbelievable response. 2000 hits in the first week. First person off the plane purchased the cottage. A further 8000 hits while the property remained on your site "under offer". I tell Everyone I know who is looking to sell to place it on your website. Thanks very much"

David Slee

Richard Allcroft:

Advertiser on from 26/08/2004 to 27/11/2005

"Very pleased with the advert response and also with the user-friendly layout of the site. Thanks to all concerned."

Richard Allcroft

Peter Franklin:

Advertiser on from 31/10/2005 to 21/11/2005

"Thank you very much, the property is now sold via an enquiry from your web site. Altogether about six serious enquiries were recieved in a period of about 3 weeks, two viewings were confirmed and the first viewer agreed to buy at the asking price, while he was at the property yesterday. (Nov 20th) An excellent web site for French property sales!"

Peter Franklin

Philip Jones:

Advertiser on from 29/08/2005 to 08/11/2005

"Excellent response to the advert with about 20 good enquiries, property sold within a month."

Philip Jones

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