Resizing a Batch of Images

You can use IRfanview – Available free from IRfanview

We suggest putting all the images you would like to resize in a separate folder\directory.

Once complete, open the IRfanview program.

1. Selecting your images for conversion

  • From the file menu, select Batch Conversion\Rename.
  • This will open a Batch conversion window.
  • Under the look in section browse to the folder containing your images.
  • Highlight all the images you would like to resize and press the add button.
  • All the filenames will now be listed in the Input files section.

2. Selecting the output folder

Output folder

  • On the right hand side you will find a section for the output directory.
  • Press browse and navigate to the folder you would like all your converted images output to.

3. Adjusting the settings

Output settings

Now that you have selected the images you need to choose the size, format and quality settings. Once changed these settings will be the default for all future conversions, we would suggest the following settings.

  • Ensure the output format is set to JPEG as above. Then click on the options button.

4. Quality settings

Format settings

You will be presented with the options window like the one displayed opposite.

  • Simply adjust the save quality to 25 using the slider.
  • Press ok to save these changes.

5. Advanced settings

Output settings

Next press the Advanced Options button to make the final adjustments. Most of the advanced options here will not be of use so we can safely leave them as they are.

As shown opposite, ensure that there is a tick next to Resize.

  • Place a dot next to Set new size
  • Dot set both sides to
  • For the width enter 800 pixels
  • For the height enter 600 pixels
  • Further down tick the Preserve Aspect ratio option.
  • Press ok to save and continue.

6. Adjusting the images

Press Start

We have now shown IRfanview where the images are located, where we would like them output to after conversion and our settings for the conversion.

All that remains is to press the start button and all of your images will be re-sampled and resized into the folder you chose earlier. Once you have adjusted these settings they do not need to be changed again, in future simply point the program towards your images and set an output folder to resize future images really easily and quickly.

  • Press start
  • Browse to your output folder
  • Finally, upload the newly converted images to the website

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