How to Renew your Advert

If your advert has expired an email will have been sent to your registered address containing details on how to renew your advert. The following details on this page will guide you through the renewal process.

When clicking on the renew your advert link from within the email you will be prompted to login to the website

Confirm Terms and Conditions

After logging into the website you will be asked to confirm the Terms and Conditions again. Simply check the box and click "Continue" to proceed.

Advert Types

Once logged in, the website will display a page explaining the differences between the different advert types.

Select Advert Type and Payment Method

At the bottom of the page you will need to select the payment type for your classified renewal.

If you choose to make an online payment you will be presented with the following page to confirm the advert and cost of renewal. Simply select your preferred payment method to proceed. Most users choose to pay online, if you would like to make a secure online payment simply click the 'Pay Online' button to continue to our secure payment partner who will process the transaction on our behalf.

Standard Classified Advert Renewal (12 Months) - 129 GBP or 159 Euros (Inc. VAT)

Premium Classified Advert Renewal (12 Months) - 159 GBP or 199 Euros (Inc VAT)

Top Tip!
Note: Standard adverts can be upgraded to a premium advertisement when renewing.

If you have any queries regarding the Classified Renewal System or you need to make a payment without VAT please contact us with your VAT registration details to hand.

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