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Financial Assistance in France for Energy Efficiency 2016

Tuesday 05 April 2016

There are changes this year to the system of tax credits and other forms of financial assistance for energy conservation works to the main home.

Tax Credit

A tax credit, called the Crédit d’Impôt de la Transition Énergétique (CITE), is available for energy conservation works to the principal home.

This tax credit comes in the form of a grant for those who do not pay income tax, or whose income tax bill is less than the amount of the tax credit.

There is now a single rate for the tax credit of 30% of eligible works, where previously there were two rates.

The tax credit is no longer means-tested.


The government have abolished two small grants that were previously available on a means tested basis.

These grants were called prime à la rénovation, amounting to either €1,350 or €3,000, depending on the circumstances of each case.

However, other more general grants remain available through 'Anah', the housing renovation agency, on a means-tested basis.

Interest Free Loans

An interest free 'eco' loan of up to €30,000 is available.

The loan is not means-tested.

The éco-prêt à taux zéro can be used in tandem with the tax credit.

It can also be used alongside a conventional mortgage.

Lower VAT

A reduced rate of VAT of 5.5% applies to building works of energy conservation.

The rate also applies to associated works carried out with works of energy conservation.

However, only those elements eligible for the tax credit (CIDD) are entitled to this lower rate, which does include repair and maintenance.

Local Rates Exemption

A full or partial exemption against the taxe foncière for up to 5 years is available in certain areas, both for energy conservation to existing homes and to those new homes constructed to an energy efficiency standard that is higher than the regulations currently in force.

The eligible works are broadly those that also qualify for the tax credit.

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