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French Taxation

Taxe d'Habitation 2020

More households will be exempt from the taxe d’habitation this year as the gradual abolition of the tax continues.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Taxe Foncière 2020

The average increase in the taxe foncière this year is 1.2%, so what might you expect to pay?

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Taxation of Dividends in France by Non-Resident

A UK resident who sold dividends held in a French company is taxable in France on the capital gain.

Tuesday 06 October 2020

Challenging Your French Income Tax Demand

We know from your mails that many of you consider you are frequently taxed incorrectly in France, so how do you go about challenging an income tax demand?

Friday 04 September 2020

Social Charges and French Property Sales

Notaires are incorrectly imposing social charges on some property sales by EEA nationals.

Friday 04 September 2020

French Income Tax Assessments 2020

With the period for submission of income tax returns in France having closed last month, tax notices will soon be sent out.

Thursday 09 July 2020

Who Pays the Rates on an Inherited Property?

Four children who inherited a property in France dispute responsibility for the local property taxes.

Wednesday 03 June 2020

Changing Your French Income Tax Return

If you make errors in your French tax return, or you are late in submitting it, here is what you need to do.

Friday 15 May 2020

French Income Tax Return 2020 - Forms and Dates

Income tax reporting procedures in France have been streamlined in recent years, but it still remains an arduous task for most international French property owners.

Thursday 14 May 2020

French Income Tax Return 2020 - Furnished Renta...

How to complete your French income tax declaration this year if you are a small landlord letting out furnished property in France.

Thursday 14 May 2020

French Social Charges in 2020

The income bands, rates and exemptions for social charges payable in 2020.

Thursday 14 May 2020

French Income Tax Return 2020 - Micro-Entrepren...

How to declare your business earnings for 2019 on your 2020 income tax declaration if you run a micro-entreprise business in France.

Thursday 14 May 2020

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