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Wednesday 01 April 2009

We are pleased to release today our Guide to Mobile Homes in France.

We know from the enquiries we receive that a fair number of readers seek more information on the installation of a mobile home or caravan in the grounds of their property whilst renovation works are undertaken.

Many of you are equally interested in the creation of a camping site or a leisure park, which includes within it mobile homes for holiday makers.

Accordingly, we have prepared a ‘Guide to Mobile Homes Caravans and Leisure Buildings in France’.

In the Guide, we summarise the planning regulations concerning mobile homes, caravans and leisure buildings.

We also consider their legal definition and rights and restrictions concerning mobile homes and caravans on the public highway.

We also give some consideration to the regulations concerning traveller sites in France.

Not all councils interpret the regulations in the same way. A lot will depend on the attitude of the local mayor, as always!

You can read more in our guide to Mobile Homes, Caravans and Leisure Buildings in France.

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