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New Build Costs in France in 2007

Tuesday 03 March 2009

A new survey provides a useful summary of house construction costs in France for 2007.

The figures come from an annual study of construction costs carried out each year by the statistical service of the French government.

The average construction cost for a new house in 2007 was €1019 per m²

The lowest new build costs were in the Centre region at €922 per m², whilst the highest was in Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, where costs were €1159 per m².

The differences between the regions may be explained, not only by the varying cost of materials and labour in each region, but also by the differences in the type of construction and the level of specification.

There are also significant differences in the cost depending on the method of procurement used to construct the house. Thus, those who were able to self-build did so for €742 / m², whilst those who left it exclusively to the builder paid €1059 / m².

Prices were highest where an architect controlled the project, with an average figure of €1234 / m². However, the specification and build quality of such properties will have been generally higher than other procurement methods, if only because of the level of individual specification in architect designed homes.

The average size of each property built was 136m², with most regions in the range 130m² to 140m². The range was only substantially exceeded in Alsace (168m²), Lorraine (153m²) and the Ile de France (150 m²). In general, the size of properties remained stable compared with 2006.

The average cost of construction was €139K.

House Construction Costs in 2007

Region Average Cost per m² Average Surface (m²) Average Cost (Euros)
Alsace 1088 168 183K
Aquitaine 985 134 132K
Auvergne 1013 133 134K
Brittany 1056 134 142K
Burgundy 959 129 124K
Centre 922 132 122K
Champagne-Ardenne 941 140 131K
Corsica 1150 139 159K
Franche-Comté 1059 140 148K
Ile de France 1125 150 168K
Languedoc Roussillon 946 134 127K
Limousin 976 137 133K
Lorraine 1002 153 153K
Lower-Normandy 983 135 132K
Midi Pyrenees 984 137 134K
Nord Pas de Calais 1003 145 145K
Pays de la Loire 1023 130 132K
Picardy 964 134 129K
Poitou-Charentes 988 130 128K
Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur 1159 145 167K
Rhone Alpes 1080 138 148K
Upper-Normandy 964 132 127K
Average 1019 136 139K

Source: SOeS, EPTB

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